There are 100K sitters on Rover, how come you aren't a member of our Facebook Group? [closed]

asked 2017-10-14 08:44:57 -0500

We have the largest Facebook group dedicated to Rover and former DV sitters, we just passed 1500 members and would like you to join us. Lots of great sitter to sitter questions are asked daily, and the membership provides timely and accurate updates to solve problems and to educate the group. Please come join us: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Rover...

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Just joined! ๐Ÿ˜

Lindsay M.'s profile image Lindsay M.  ( 2017-10-19 22:53:18 -0500 ) edit

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answered 2017-10-20 10:22:51 -0500

I do not have a separate Facebook page for my dog sitting business, and am not ready to deal with potential trolls who don't agree with what I post, ask. It is VERY easy to take things out of context and use them for a purpose that they were not intended.

I am not "wise" in the ways of Facebook, cross posting, snap chat, what's app and other new social media platforms. I possess little desire to have all of my "aggregated" so that marketers learn how to manipulate what I purchase, recommend and think. The micro targeting of ads designed to present issues and matters in a light that gets you agreeing with something, creating an echo chamber wherein I am unable to engage in perspective taking. I enjoy well reasoned discussions based on observable, independently verified facts.

I remember learning to write papers on different topics, and then being told present the other side as vigorously as my first paper. This helped/trained my mind in a myriad of ways that allow me to mediate most any group dispute. I appreciate the different perspectives people express, believe and live. I am immensely uncomfortable in situations where a company, makes decisions based on what grows their business. Which - I understand and as a shareholder I appreciate....as a consumer when my personal ways of thinking, purchasing, and interacting in the world are then the property of a corporation, free to buy and sell their insights about me, and how I relate (or don't) to people of similar demographics - and then those insights are utilized to determine what level of service I receive, what answers are presented or not. I comprehend what the business is after and respect that. I regret that I no longer am able to learn of other options, see other spokes in the wheel, and participate in a leap of comprehension and understanding.

So, Until I get a FB page related to the professional dog walking part of my life, I will not connect with Rover on Facebook.

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