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2015-12-03 15:01:03 -0600 asked a question Apartment dwellers: what is your policy on the size of the dog?

I was wondering how everyone felt about keeping larger dogs in their apartments? I feel it is unfair to accept dogs over 30lbs. to stay in my 1 bedroom apartment.

What are your opinions?

2015-12-03 14:56:17 -0600 commented question Are people charging owners for daycare & overnight, or using overnight as one fee?

This is such a good question. I've never thought about it like this. Thank you for asking it

2015-12-03 14:54:37 -0600 answered a question How to I get my profile noticed by others?

Having a quick response time to clients and adding quality photos will help you get noticed. Having competitive pricing was a good choice and will give you an edge. Sending photos during the stay will also help! Try switching your default photograph to something that catches the eye.

2015-12-03 14:50:43 -0600 asked a question Has anyone used an outdoor potty patch?

My puppy loves his potty patch on our balcony and only goes to the bathroom on the potty patch. Has anyone used one? How did the transition from the potty patch to going to the bathroom outside go?

2015-12-03 14:49:17 -0600 answered a question If my labrador is curled up like a cat, does that mean he's cold?

It is completely normal! That is how most of my dogs (now and growing up) have slept!

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2015-12-03 14:46:58 -0600 asked a question My three month old puppy has separation anxiety. Any tips?

He is 3 1/2 months old. I rescued him and his previous care taker made no effort to train him. He is blind in one eye. He is so well behaved when I am home, but when I am gone he cries and goes to the bathroom in his cage. I recently started feeding him in his cage so he will associate the cage with the "dining room" rather than the "bathroom" and removed his blanket, since he seemed to be hiding his mess underneath it. I just began doing this yesterday. The only difference is he does not step on his mess as much.

Has anyone had issues similar to this? Tips and feedback would be GREATLY appreciated.

2015-12-03 14:40:42 -0600 answered a question How do you handle a 3rd party pickup?

It's always a good idea to be honest with your clients. Try telling them that you do not feel comfortable giving your personal information out to people whom you do not know. You could suggest a pick up time and place for the third party to meet you, and if there are any problems with it you would prefer to be contacted from the client and not the third party.

2015-12-03 14:36:14 -0600 asked a question What do you do when a dog you're sitting becomes aggressive?

A dog I am sitting becomes a little aggressive with me when I put my feet near him and when my puppy gets on his nerves. What should I do?