How to charge if owner ask to house sit dog for 5 hours?

asked 2018-11-16 16:35:32 -0600

I only do drop-in visits and I have a regular weekly client asking if I can house sit her puppy for 5 hours a day, for 5 days. I am considering doing it, but how would I price this? My drop-in rate for puppies is $17 for per visit.

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This sounds like daycare, but in your client's home. You can look and see what others in your area charge for daycare and then choose an amount that is right for you.

Brittney W.'s profile image Brittney W.  ( 2018-11-16 16:59:29 -0600 ) edit

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answered 2018-11-17 20:37:50 -0600

I would charge a little more for an extended in home visit like that. That sounds like house-sitting/daycare. I see others charge $30+ for house sitting. Since they want you to watch her in their home, that could potentially reduce the number of dogs you're able to watch in a day, as it takes up so many hours. I would charge more than for drop ins, because of the possible reduction in the number of clients you can provide services for on those days. About $35/day would be a reasonable rate to me. Also, I would take into account how far you have to travel to her home. If it's 10 miles or more, I would add at least $5 for gas costs.

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answered 2018-11-16 18:12:01 -0600

Lots of folks in your area are charging 20-35 per day for doggie day care if I were you I would charge at the high end in case the client pushes back a bit on the rate.

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