Advice on getting first client?

asked 2018-09-04 14:43:07 -0500

Hi all,

I am new to Rover and anxious to get started. My account has been activated for at least a month now - so I was hoping to get some advice as to how to get clients on here. Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated!

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3 Answers

answered 2018-09-04 17:36:04 -0500

Hi Paige - welcome to Rover, getting those first clients can be tough at times so hang in there. Here are my recommendations: Your house sitting price is at the high end for other sitters in your area, check them out by doing a search. Sitters with lower rates are getting the clients. Many newbies set their price lower to acquire those first few clients and then increase over time, so consider it.

You have zero reviews so far and that's never good so ask friends and family to write testimonials for you.

Take and pass the Rover 101 quiz and get the badge it is important!!

See if you can add more dog and cat pictures as that's what sells you along with raving reviews.

Your profile shows you only take pups up to 40 lbs, consider taking on the larger breed dogs

I would also set you drop-in and walk rate the same.

Best of luck

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answered 2018-09-04 18:09:46 -0500

Hey! Welcome!

Give it time!! No one reached out to me for a few months after I joined and now I receive lots of requests. :)

Get lots of testimonials, and set your preferences to be a bit more broad. In my experience (though I haven't done too many sits) it seems to work better by chatting with your prospective clients once they reach out about specifics.

Lower rates for the first few times, as well. Good luck!

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answered 2018-09-06 01:55:44 -0500

Hi Paige! I know it can be hard. I signed up with Rover on july 1st and I didn't get any request for that month. I got a request for early and late august which was cool. During my first stay I got 3 requests for the same week! I was already booked so I had to unfortunately decline them all but i'm starting to get more requests now. I feel that once you get your first booking more will come. I agree with Walt and Casey, start with lower rates to build up your clients and reviews and then you can set your prices higher later. I am currently at that stage of building up my clients and reviews. You got this!

Also, make sure you are on top of answering requests as fast as possible. Some client will be talking to multiple sitters/walkers and you want to be consider as one of their options. Also, send reminders throughout the day if they don't reply back right away. Sometimes the owner will forget to text you back when they sent the first message or they may have found another sitter and just forgot to tell you. The reason why I say this because I got a request and then I offered a meet and greet. I waited 2 days to send a reminder because I thought the owner was busy and would get back to me when they could. Turns out they found another sitter. When you do confirm a meet and greet make sure you contact the owner the day of the meet and greet because they may need to cancel and just forgot to let you know.

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