Why does my dog chew his feet?

asked 2017-02-25 22:48:26 -0500

This is a question that we often get from sitter and owners who work with Rover. Help the community out by answering them in our forum!

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Could be food allergies.

Lana S.'s profile image Lana S.  ( 2017-02-26 07:37:30 -0500 ) edit

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answered 2017-02-27 13:11:53 -0500

My dog has been doing that for a while, more like licking. I thought it was anxiety at first but the licking spots were pinkish (the fur became that color) so his saliva was slightly pink for some reason. Did some research and a diet high in carbohydrates like the food he was eating, cases a build up of year in the stomach, making the spit pink and paws, tail and other body parts feel itchy. I changed his diet to a homemade high protein one (if the spit is pink just change to a higher protein and lower cab one) and he no longer licks and the spit is not pink anymore! :)

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answered 2017-02-27 14:10:49 -0500

Dogs tend to chew at their feet if they are bored, allergies, stressed, or a foreign object stuck in his/her pad of his/her foot

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answered 2017-02-26 08:35:01 -0500

During spring time grass seed and other small objects can collect in the pads irritating your dog's feet, which causes them to chew.

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