My dog had his teeth cleaned and is now nauseous. Is this normal?

My 13 yr old dog had his teeth cleaned (at least one extracted) yesterday. I dropped him off at 8 and picked him up at 5. He was his normal self when I picked him up, no drowsiness or anything. He peed, pooped, drank water and ate less than half a can of dog food when he got home. He did not seem to be in any pain so I did not give him any pain medicine. He ate the rest of the half a can later that night because he was hungry then went to bed.

Today in the morning however, before 6, he woke me up because he wanted to throw up. It passed and he went back to sleep.

I didn't get a chance to ask any questions when picking him up so I'm just wondering if nausea is common the day after the teeth cleaning? What are other common symptoms and what symptoms require a vet visit?

I have noticed in the past that when he does not eat enough the previous day, he will be nauseated until he eats something. Could that also be it?


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Hi there!

Rover's community is not for medical advice. Please call your veterinarian with questions related to your animal's health.

Any symptoms that have you concerned should have you call your veterinarian, and they can inform you whether or not these symptoms require a visit.

Best, Hayley


It is common for dogs to be nauseous after a procedure involving general anesthetic, but it should pass. It also sounds like your dog has a sensitive stomach, and since he needed to fast before the procedure, it wouldn't be unexpected for him to be nauseous afterwards. If he's not back to normal by tomorrow morning, I would call the vet and let them know. For today your dog might need a bland food, like cooked turkey or chicken (but no skin or bones!) and rice.


It's certainly worth calling your vet to follow up with any concerns, though nausea following fasting and sedation is common and I wouldn't worry if it doesn't persist more than 12-24 hours. It's also possible he is feeling more pain than you anticipated (dogs, and some dogs in particular, are very good at hiding pain), and the nausea is in part stemming from discomfort.

If you were calling the emergency clinic I work for, I'd tell you so long as he is acting like himself, drinking and peeing normally, and doesn't appear distressed, to monitor his symptoms for 12-24 hours, and if you don't see an improvement or if any new symptoms develop, it's worth following up with your vet. I'd tell you that you might see the nausea improve with the recommended use of your pain medication and with smaller, more frequent feedings until he returns to normal.