Does anyone have any idea how to transport a 32-lb French bulldog from NYC to LA this summer?

asked 2016-05-13 07:42:28 -0500

He's too big for the plane cabin and can't be transported in cargo.

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I'm not sure why he can't be put in cargo that is pressure and climate controlled. United Airlines has a pet transpirt service and if the dogs have to change planes, they have climate controlled vans that transport them and they go to a climate controlled area if there is a long layover.

Amy U.'s profile image Amy U.  ( 2016-05-13 14:42:34 -0500 ) edit

I've air transported pets from the east coast to the west coast and back with success. Many air lines offer this service

Walt G.'s profile image Walt G.  ( 2016-05-13 15:15:17 -0500 ) edit

Hi, Walt, The airlines we have contacted have restrictions on brachycephalic breeds, especially in the summer. Thanks!

Brian F.'s profile image Brian F.  ( 2016-05-13 16:48:33 -0500 ) edit

I am a pet transporter and carry many Frenchies and over 20 pounds because of airline restrictions. If you go ground, make sure your transporter knows temperature and breathing issues and other requirements for your breed.

Jane W.'s profile image Jane W.  ( 2016-05-22 06:58:39 -0500 ) edit

Hi! I am a dog transporter for many places; I recommend Kindred Hearts Transport Connection. http://www.kindredheartstransportconnection.org/index.php/request-transport/%3C/p%3E (http://www.kindredheartstransportconnection.org/index.php/request-transport/)

GABRIELLE S.'s profile image GABRIELLE S.  ( 2016-05-24 17:48:45 -0500 ) edit

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answered 2019-10-25 20:06:19 -0500

Definitely contact Anthony at Pet Transport Pro. I use them every year when I have to go to the west coast for work Reach him here https://www.pettransportpro.com (Pet Transport)

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answered 2016-05-13 09:11:02 -0500

You should take a look at this association's website to find a bona fide shipper:


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answered 2020-10-21 07:19:47 -0500

There are various pet shipping companies in America like you can check out this one which i use:-


You will receive best Quotes of pricing for your work which if you like then they will ship your bulldog

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answered 2020-10-24 09:37:31 -0500

What about just use stop bark collars from https://pawsnose.com/best-stop-bark-collars (https://pawsnose.com/best-stop-bark-col…)

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answered 2016-05-23 13:45:01 -0500

I used a company called Royal Paws to transport my dogs from New Jersey to Colorado. They were amazing.

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answered 2016-05-22 13:42:13 -0500

Similar to what Karen posted, here is another service provider for pet relocation: http://www.pettravelhub.com/

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answered 2016-05-22 07:11:22 -0500

You can drive to LA or find a plane that can take his weight.

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