How to balance training and exercise during a walk? [closed]

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I am currently walking a puppy and a dog new to it's owners who is young and still being trained. I wonder how much effort I should put into training during my walks versus just getting some energy out of these dogs. They are both very active and I worry that if I spend too much time trying to get them to heel and walk properly they will just be frustrated and not get the exercise they need. Does anyone else have experience with this? They are both great dogs and I don't want to set them back in their training either.

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answered 2016-10-06 15:36:11 -0600

Ideally, the dogs should get energy out before the walks, but if you are hired for just dog walking... It would probably be asking too much for you to also play with them or take them on a run. But if you do have time, maybe you could play fetch or other games.

Your concerns are valid; you don't want to constrain them too much, but you don't want them to get away with bad behavior. I would try to compromise as best as I could, by walking quickly, at least at first, but expecting them to walk on a loose leash. You may want to wrap the leash around the dog's chest (as well as being attached to the collar) to reduce pulling.

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