Has anyone had Rover email a client incorrect info?

asked 2016-07-29 09:40:49 -0600

I take care of a beautiful shepherd mix about once a month, I am on great terms with the owner and I have never had any issues or concerns with the dog. Yesterday, the owner told me that he received an email from Rover "telling him how to handle his dogs bad behavior." To put it lightly, he was not pleased at all with this email and said that he deleted his Rover profile and has asked all of his friends to do the same. He wants to continue using me and said that he has no idea why he got the email. I asked if he had replied to it and he said that he didn't have "time to waste with idiots that don't know his dog."

Has anyone had anything like this happen before? How should I handle a situation like this?

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Rover sends out generic emails on how to deal with general dog behavior. I can nearly guarantee that email was not specifically pointed at your client. For example I got one on the 20th that said "How you could be encouraging Lexi's bad behavior" (Lexi is my dog).

Ashley C.'s profile image Ashley C.  ( 2016-07-29 09:43:39 -0600 ) edit

I told him it was probably a generic email but he said that he doesn't care if it was generic or not, he "doesn't want Rover telling him about his dog when they don't know his dog."

Doug K.'s profile image Doug K.  ( 2016-07-29 09:47:48 -0600 ) edit

That's a rough spot to be in. I'd contact Rover and explain how they offended this client and how that changed his thoughts. Let them do the damage control by contacting him, explaining it was generic, they appreciate his feedback, and what they'll do to make things right again. Special promo 4 him?

Deb A.'s profile image Deb A.  ( 2016-07-29 12:46:17 -0600 ) edit