How to get the smell out?

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OK, I have a disorder called Hyposmia, it means I can't smell very well. I had a friend inform me that my house really smells of a dog stench. :( Not a pee or poop smell just an overall smell. I keep a clean house, I wash all bedding human and dog weekly, mop floors etc... I have no carpet.

I bathe my dog regularly, but not all my guest dogs. Any suggestions on:

A.) how to eliminate dog odors?


B.) How to prevent them?

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you should try some dog shampoo or homeopathic treatments that didn't harm dog skin and sort the issue to. for shampoo and homeopathic treatment you can visit here - https://www.petcareclub.com/dog-skin-and-coat-treatment-125.aspx

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answered 2016-07-14 12:25:29 -0500

Aside from cleaning (which it sounds like you already do) you could use Ona-Gel Pro. This is more than just air freshener to mask odors. It's industrial-grade, used for crime-scene cleanup, etc. It ionically binds with odor molecules in the air, neutralizing them.

The gel product has gelatin fragments sitting in a liquid. You open the cap and put it in front of a fan for 10 minutes. Or, turn the cap upside down and position it so only a small crack is exposed (for longer periods of time). As the liquid evaporates, top it off with distilled water (to avoid mineral buildup from drinking water evaporating). You'll need the Ona Liquid, a concentrate. You can top off the gel with water a few times, then you'll want to add some concentrate. You'll need someone to help you know when it's exhausted and needs more concentrate (versus being overpowering).

The "linen" is a good scent. Polar Ice smells like the men's room. :)

Before having people over, you can open it for 10 minutes.

You can google for it. It's sold on Amazon. The company's site is onaonline. They sell dispenser systems with fans built in, etc. But, all you need is 1-2 of those quart-sized gel jars, and the liquid concentrate.

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THANK YOU!!! It's so hard not being able to smell well, and the last thing I want is for my home to stink! :( I found it on amazon and saw there is a spray too. I assume the "Pro" is scent free? I was thinking the gel in the pro and the linen mist to freshen up when people come over?

Jamie R.'s profile image Jamie R.  ( 2016-07-14 12:48:55 -0500 ) edit

From the reviews this looks like Fabreeze on steroids! :)

Jamie R.'s profile image Jamie R.  ( 2016-07-14 12:49:30 -0500 ) edit

The mist may be simpler. The gel can be "continuous duty." Using the cap upside-down you can adjust how much gel is exposed. This can be useful when people over for an evening (a low-level continuous release for 4-5 hours). You might also get a 2nd opinion. Maybe your friend is over sensitive?

Mark F.'s profile image Mark F.  ( 2016-07-14 13:00:10 -0500 ) edit
answered 2017-11-02 09:33:48 -0500

Well I don't have carpet in my home. but that might help someone who does. Over a year later... ONA! I can not endorse this product enough! Ona gel and ona spray. I have 2 of the ona gel containers. they are ugly, so i just dumped the gel into mason jars. now i can adjust how open they are a little better and they look a little better sitting out. and the ona spray. I carry it like a gun! no but for real. i use in on furniture and in the air. I will mist it over air vents after I clean.

Last weekend I had 900 pounds of dogs! mine is 200 mastiff add pit bulls and GSD and boxers. I often have clients ask how I keep the smell in my house so fresh now!!!

ONA! ONA! seriously, just go to Amazon! It is a miracle! (Oh, I use the fresh linen, not the pro. The pro is nice but too"industrial" smelling)


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Yes, I've tried that as recommended on here; however, it just masks or neutralizes the smell and doesn't eliminate it. As soon as you stop using it, the smell returns. After cleaning with OXI, I don't have the smell at all.

Jared N.'s profile image Jared N.  ( 2017-11-02 13:42:59 -0500 ) edit
answered 2016-07-15 07:40:36 -0500

You may also want to purchase a black light and shine it all over your house to see if you have missed places dogs have peed.

Here's a link to a hand held, battery operated one: http://m.drsfostersmith.com/product/proddisplay.cfm?pcatid=32437&cmpid=02cseYY&gclid=CIbtty99c0CFQqsaQodm54HmA

Good luck!

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yay, I have one. Left over from my college years (Why do I still have this after 20 years??? ) i have no carpet! which is nice for so many dogs. I am considering building a full size grooming tub in my basement and telling owners if they don't bath them I will and it costs $20

Jamie R.'s profile image Jamie R.  ( 2016-07-18 14:16:49 -0500 ) edit

I noticed the last dog I had reeked, and with my loss of smelling ability, if I can smell him, he must be rancid!!!

Jamie R.'s profile image Jamie R.  ( 2016-07-18 15:24:06 -0500 ) edit
answered 2017-11-01 17:40:02 -0500

This has been my obsession for a few months. I've been boarding dogs for 2 years and the dog smell can be very hard to deal with. I've tried running a oil diffuser. I've tried febreeze. I clean my carpets every other week (no lie) with Nature's Miracle.

Lo and behold, this week I tried something new.....I cleaned my carpets (because I know that is where the smell emanates from) with OXI CLEAN!!!! Yes, very simple. I have a bissell carpet cleaner. I filled the oxi clean scoop to the second level marked "B". Then, I add the powder to a small container of hot water to activate it and then I poured it into the bissell's vessel with more hot water and then went to town on the carpets. Note: oxi clean is an oxygen based cleaner like peroxide which is also what color safe bleach is. Oxi needs to be activated to work and through my research, I've learned that warm water activates it; however, they consider warm water to be 134 degrees, so I go with hot water. I still pour Nature's Miracle on any messes first and let it work eating the proteins. Nature's Miracle is the opposite of Oxi in that the enzymes will die in warm water and have no effect.

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