Looking for extended stay (2 weeks) care for a special needs dog, any suggestions?

Hi, i'm having trouble finding someone who can board my special needs senior dog, she has rear paralysis and needs her bladder to be manually express / emptied 3-4 x a day.
I need to go on international travel in May and am looking for someone who can help, but its just not something thats easy to find or search for.


What dates were you looking for?

Hi I am available to help, and I have experience with taking care of dogs/cats with special needs. Feel free to message me 🤗

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Many sitters are also vets, vet techs, ect but unfortunately Rover does not give an option to search that way. You might try calling rover and see if they have a way to manually scan profiles to look for a suitable match. If, not reaching out to multiple available sitters with your question posted first on the booking request can save time and give the opportunity for both to ask more questions about your situation and what the sitter is comfortable with.