How do I get my dog outside safely to potty after being neutered?

asked 2023-02-09 20:25:51 -0500

This sounds silly, but I know that stairs are a no no for dogs after being neutered. But we have two steps to get in and out of our home for our dog to go potty. How do I get him outside without hurting his stitches after surgery? I’ve also read that he shouldn’t be carried.

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answered 2023-02-09 21:29:22 -0500

Talk to your vet or wherever you had the neutering done. My dog had no issues at all and I have 14 stairs. I think the caution about stitches is more important for female animals after spaying. But, again, I suggest you speak with your vet's office.

Add: As I recall, my neighbor's dog, who was neutered on the same day and place as mine had to wear a cone because he was licking the stitches. Also, he had plenty of stairs for his daily potty breaks. We live in an urban area. Lots of stairs.

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