When the dog is much bigger than stated ? How to proceed?

asked 2022-01-29 14:49:43 -0500

I’ve had several situations where the dog is much bigger (by a large margin) than what the pet profile’s saids, I even asks the owner to verify it’s true. . It’s happened too many times in the last two months, and it’s hurt my ratings each time (even though I gave those dogs 5 stars), I was still left without an option to challenge those bad reviews. Gladly, every other pet I’ve boarded has been great and it’s helped me bring my performance sitter score up , but it still hurts your business . Ok, so I board/sit small/medium sized dogs, it’s in my profile preferences. I have 4 dogs, in a small but comfortable home, it’s a good place for small dogs. I don’t have the space to care for a 75 lbs high energy German Shepard, or husky, Rottweiler, etc. and they always give you that “it’s small for their breed”… most of the time they book request the day before. Any advice on how to properly handle the situation so it won’t affect my score/rating?

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Never take a dog without a meet and greet.

Frankie T.'s profile image Frankie T.  ( 2022-02-13 09:45:40 -0500 ) edit

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answered 2022-01-29 23:50:41 -0500

You may choose to list that you only accept small dogs, and in your profile state the maximum weight you’ll accept. IF an owner has a dog that is slightly larger than rover’s definition of Small category (which is 0-15 lbs). Vs Medium (defined by rover as 16-40 lbs) for booking purposes & read that you’d accept it, they can contact you. Inquiries that don’t match your pre-set parameters do not count against you in algorithm.

Also, if you do meet and greet prior to booking and you see it will not be a match, you can decline the booking and not risk receiving bad review from that. ( Only a client who books the service can leave a review )

Add’n: Currently, your profile lists all sizes including the large (41-100 lbs) and giant( 101 lbs+). ... (after reading comments below): I’d suggest that in the profile you can write that at your dogs house, I am available for all sizes of dogs. In my house, the maximum dog weight that can be accommodated is 40 pounds. & Select that you only provide care for small and medium, because those are the size icons that will be shown, people will search based on that, and lots of people do not read the profiles.

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Dog boarding and doggy day care is up to medium sized, large and giant is ok for house sitting or drop in visits.

Luis R.'s profile image Luis R.  ( 2022-01-31 16:35:30 -0500 ) edit

Luis, most folks booking on the site will not have a granular understanding of staying at your house vs a stay at the dogs home. I’m Not sure if Rover preferences are this specific. Send Rover a note asking to add the specificity to Options.

Lynn S.'s profile image Lynn S.  ( 2022-02-01 06:49:47 -0500 ) edit

You can state this in the narrative section of ur profile- use simple terms- my house and “ Your dog’s house 😉”

Lynn S.'s profile image Lynn S.  ( 2022-02-01 06:52:12 -0500 ) edit
answered 2022-01-31 10:47:37 -0500

The problem with the size categories is that it's subjective. So, even if a dog fits into a pound category, they could be abnormal size for their breed. It's why I ALWAYS require a meet n greet beforehand. Owners can lie about their dogs online, but not in real life.

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