Is anyone else apprehensive about ppl coming to your house for a meet and greet?

asked 2021-11-20 12:45:32 -0600

Meet and greet

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answered 2021-11-21 17:15:14 -0600

Yes. I don't have anything to hide and I'm not ashamed of what my house looks like. It is dog-friendly and safe. However.....I prefer the initial meet n greet be on neutral territory because my house belongs to my dog. She ignores the other dogs in our house when we dog sit, but she initially met them on neutral territory. I am currently having this exact situation and am not sure how to handle it.

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I'm meaning about sketchey ppl coming to your house.. lol.. I guess I'm just very non trusting

Jackie S.'s profile image Jackie S.  ( 2021-11-22 14:32:14 -0600 ) edit

I total agree with you. If I must meet&greet in my home I actually tell my neighbor who is always home that I have someone coming over for meet & greet. Even when I have to meet& greet at the dog owners home. I still give address of where I'm going to my neighbor.

Susan P.'s profile image Susan P.  ( 2021-12-04 09:54:40 -0600 ) edit

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