Is there another step that I should take before advising her that I can not provide her a service?

asked 2021-11-19 08:35:50 -0600

I have responded a few times I don't think they are going through

Jody T. 1 day ago Bridget W. I initially sent you this message as a reply to your request (3 days ago)..."I would like to schedule a meet and greet day with you. Please provide your best three (3) available dates to select from this week and next week. Thank you!"

1 day ago Bridget W. If you schedule a date and time with me....then I will be available.

1 day ago Jody T. Free

Jody T. 1 day ago Jody T. When are you geee

Jody T. 1 day ago You declined and archived this message on Thursday, Nov 18th 4:30 PM. Let Jody T. know why you couldn't accept by leaving a message. Bridget W. I will need to archive your request to enable me to appear in searches. Please schedule a meet and greet with me to see if it is a good fit for me and the dogs. Thank you.

1 day ago Jody T. Let me talk with my husband on day.

Jody T. 2 days ago Jody T. Hi I'm sorry been hectic my mom passed away a month ago and we have been busy going through stuff and today is my sons birthday

Jody T. 2 days ago Bridget W. I modified the request to reflect one (1) dog since I do not charge the additional fee for a second pet.

2 days ago Bridget W. Good morning Jody, Please advise asap of your intentions for a meet and greet and for booking the dates for house sitting Sierra and Max. Until this request is booked, I will not appear in search for other sitters on these dates.

2 days ago Jody T. We have left them for 3 nights before not 4 Sierra can have separation issues and loves to be snuggled and comforted if she is comfortable she just lays down she has a ball she loves to play with. At night in our bedroom they sleep on the floor but Sierra always ends up on the bed. They are both big mushes. We live in a small trailer park and everyone knows them.

Jody T. 4 days ago Bridget W. No need to worry about the harness at this time. We will see how it goes when I meet with them. Which date and time shall we schedule for?

4 days ago Jody T. They don't have regular leashes the have retractable leashes which I could possibly grab collars just trying to keep things as normal as I can for them

Jody T. 4 days ago Bridget W. I can also wrap the leash under the dogs legs and belly to create the harness effect. I had to do that twice with other dogs that I had walked who were wearing regular collars. It definitely helped to avoid that pulling action. I have a neighbor that owns an english bull dog and is walked by their young ... (more)

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answered 2021-11-20 08:02:20 -0600

How about calling the client?

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answered 2021-11-21 17:27:59 -0600

I didn't see anything about the actual meet n greet. Was none of the particulars discussed during the meet n greet? ]

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