My dog hates men how do I fix this?

asked 2020-12-28 01:31:33 -0600

I am just confused on how to help my dog with his one behavioral problem. He’s a great dog dead house broke learns tricks fast great with dogs and females great in public on a leash or anywhere. But when at home if a man walks into my house he flips out. Never has he but anyone but he charges at them barking and growling. I’ve tried removing social pressure from men when they enter and removing him from the room with a baby gate but allowing him to see me. He is very attached to me, I got him as a puppy so I know he’s never been abused by any men and don’t understand where this fear stems from or how to fix it. How do I fix this behavior to prevent it from escalating?

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answered 2020-12-28 17:42:43 -0600

I have a dog that hated men as well. What I did to make her tolerate men was to have them feed her, instead of me. I also had a man sit on the floor and feed her really good treats to show her that all men aren't bad. Her situation is a little different though because she was a rescue and I think a man abused her before. However, I think the same thing could work. You just have to associate men with good things and he will eventually warm up. Good luck!

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answered 2021-01-06 08:12:05 -0600

To add to the other suggestion. When you know a man needs to come into your home, have delicious treats by the door for him to throw to the dog .They should not look at or speak to the dog. He throws the treat as he ignores the dog. After awhile the dog should start associating men coming in as a positive. The no touch, talk, or eye contact is crucial.

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answered 2021-01-21 15:29:04 -0600

I've had a dog like this as well I don't know what else to say besides be patient. If she was a rescue like my dog, you may not know if she has gone through some kind of trauma to make her act this way. For my dog. The people who rescued her said they found her by herself, but she had had milk. Sadly, there were no puppies. The Shelter employees told us that this was common and that most likely someone kept her puppies but threw HER out. She doesn't like men at all if she doesn't know them, and when we were younger, she was extra aggressive towards strangers who were men. This leads us to believe that in her past she may have been mistreated and thrown to by a man. And that the reason she was more protective towards us in our younger ages than once we were older was that she felt like a mom trying to protect her puppies. I don't know what your dog's back story was but just be patient, please.

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