can you help me?

asked 2020-12-15 11:41:39 -0600

Hello; Im looking for help regarding my traveling with my Puppy of 10 weeks for 5hrs by train. He is a Cockapoo . In the last 2 times that he take the car with me alone it was not very good, he get very agitated and he get very anxiety .

Can i get anything to him to help me travel?

Thanks; Dann

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answered 2020-12-18 00:04:00 -0600

Keep in mind the best way to help your puppy is to slowly and gradually expose to new experiences to form positive associations.

In regards to car travel, first sit in the car with puppy. Give praise and treats (whichever pup responds to - treats or toys while inside car, which ends when you leave car. Don't drive anywhere. Repeat this, slowly lengthening the time spent inside.
After he seems relaxed with that, move the car a little, not really driving anywhere, more like the distance of traveling down a driveway or changing a parking spot. Again praise and treats each time for good behavior.

Next time, a little longer (such as the distance of a block, turn around and end). Next time maybe a couple minutes. Each time the car trip can be longer and farther as long as puppy is calm with treats and praise. Gradually, puppy will associate the car with positive place and experiences, and you can discontinue treats. If you try to condition too much-too far at any step and the pup gets anxious, you lose ground achieved and may have to restart this process from an earlier step or the beginning.

This same principle could be applied to a train, if possible, let him be in the presence of it and watch it (no ticket and no boarding it but give praise for calm behavior), then gradually increase to the shortest time interval trip possible, even if that wasn't a trip you planned on, etc.

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answered 2020-12-15 15:28:18 -0600

Consult with your vet they may be able to prescribe a mild sedative to alleviate your pup's anxiety while traveling.

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