Is it okey to change the time of the morning walk when I have to get back to work?

asked 2020-10-11 15:55:46 -0600

Hello everyone

My girlfriend and I are soon about to welcome our new family member home. She is a mix between a pug and a king charles.

Due to our schedule, we will be able to stay home with her for almost 2 months with only 2 days a week of having to leave her alone for a couple of hours. My question is; Will it have a big impact on her if we suddenly start changing our morning walks to 5 in the morning, instead of maybe 7? When we start work again, we will have to get up at 5 and we wont be able to walk her at the same time schedule as before.

I hope someone can help me with this question.

Thanks! -Tim

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answered 2020-12-20 16:08:16 -0600

If possible, I would "work into the new time" so that your pup has an opportunity to adjust (particularly to the bathroom part of the walk on the earlier schedule). For example, if you are currently going out at 7am, try going at 6.30am for a few days, then 6am for a few more, then 5.30 etc. Dogs are pretty flexible but if she's used to pooping at 7am, you want to get her used to going at 5am.

Also, if she's used to one (or both) of you being home most of the time, you might want to ease her in to being home alone for periods longer than she is used to - even if it means just leaving the house for some period and going to sit at Starbucks or something. Anything you can do to "ease in" any schedule change will be better for your pup's adjustment. Of course, getting a good morning walk before being home alone will help as it will burn off some energy and reduce anxiety :-)

Best of luck!

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