Needing some help and explanation on Dog digging?

My dog is a border collie mix and she is a year and a month. I am in a new yard and she seems to have adapted well but in some of the flower beds and no grass area she is digging about 4 locations. One is near some pipes, one in the flower bed, one near the house in a flower bed and one at the fence. The one near the fence is to try and get to other dogs. My thought is that she is doing it for attention and or entertainment. I have caught her before and she knows she did something wrong before I scolded her. My question is how do I get her to stop? She doesn't like toys because I am too dominant towards her. I go outside and pet her and hangout with her for about 2 hours everyday. Just looking for ideas.


She also never chewed on things but recently she ripped up her bedding in her kennel. And pulled the stuffing out. I'm not sure if it's related or not

She's bored to tears and she's the only dog isn't she? She has no one else does she? You are it. Dogs are a pack animal, remember that. Try laying some chicken wire down, worked for a pup of mine

I just want to add, if you're feeding her processed foods, this could be contributing. Have you ever thought about feeding her a species appropriate diet as opposed to processed food?

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Border collies and whatever mixes they come in can generally be high energy and highly intelligent dogs and for that reason they are excellent herding and working dogs. Usually this breed enjoys learning new tricks and getting lots of exercise. If you feel like you are too dominant with toys maybe you should try playing fetch with her. It can be a great way for her to burn some energy off as well. Just curious too from reading you post, does she live in the backyard by herself or is she outside for 2 hours a day for play time? If she is outside all day by herself she may be getting bored and lonely.Dogs don't get as much stimulation and exercise being alone in the backyard as much as we would think and lack of these things can cause destructive behavior. All dogs by nature are pack/social animals meaning they depend on each other for comfort, socialization, stimulation etc and they are with their pack all the time. You and your family are her pack. If she has 2 hours a day of play time in the backyard then she may need more activity. Walk, runs, dog parks and doggy daycare and training are great ways to stimulate her mind and curb unwanted behavior. I would highly recommend investing in a good training class. Unwanted behaviors are the number one reason dogs end up in shelters. It's amazing how much training and effort can change the life for the better for you and your pet, it's also a good way to bond. A good trainer can help you communicate with your dog better. I hope this helps, unfortunately there is no one best and easy solution.


Dogs may dig because their ancestors did! Dogs were cave/ground dwellers and would dig holes for sleep, safety, and to hide food. If a dog is just scratching at the ground for a cool spot I I don't fuss, but when my dog decided to dig a tripping hazard by the kitchen door, I filled it in and put mulch over it. Then a sprinkled a few drops of essential eucalyptus oil (my dog doesn't like that scent) on the mulch. Inside, maybe "Bitter Apple" spray might work on carpet, although I let mine scratch carpet during storms to self-soothe. And usually if I offer a substitute interest the dog moves on. I tried to get Dexter to dig holes for tomato plants in my vegetable garden, but he played the whole, "No opposable thumbs card." Slacker! Good luck!


Border collies are extremely high enery, intelligent dogs. My personal belief is that they are too high maintenance for the average owner, but in the right hands they can be happy.

Please make sure you are taking your dog for long runs twice a day. Run should last a good 30 minutes. Also make sure you do training sessions daily, and give him interactive toys and puzzle toys to give his mind something to do. Leaving him in the yard is the equivalent of leaving a 4 year old in the himself.....alone.....for hours and hours and hours. He'll eventually destroy your property and go insane in the process. It's not healthy or fair to the dog to have him bored to the point of insanity. You are his only source of care, and it is your job to provide the level of exercise and mental stimulation that he needs.

I hate to say it, but it's not a training issue, it's a boredom issue. You have to give him something to actually do with his life. Border collies are bred for herding sheep 10 hrs a day. Unfortunately, that's the level of stimulation you're trying to make up for.