Can a redbone coonhound and a golden retriever produce a black puppy?

asked 2020-09-09 16:52:33 -0500

Our puppy is pure black but when we got her, the owner said she was purebred redbone coonhound but as the puppy reached 6months we questioned her breed. We sent her swab samples (2) to Wisdom Panel and her results came back 50% redbone and 50% golden retriever. When we tell people this they laugh at us. I've searched the internet over and over for an explanation but some websites say that they can produce all black puppoes and some even claim there is a such this as a black golden retriever??? Then there are sites that claim it's scientifically impossible so we are wondering who is right and who is wrong. Any insight would help, thanks!

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answered 2020-09-14 20:41:15 -0500

Genetics are fun! Unless owner had picture of both parents, I never believe them. Sometimes they'll say whatever gets them the bigger price. (ahem designer dogs) Realistically black could be recessive gene. I fostered many a litter where the mom was 100% xyz and not a single one looked even close to mom. Keep in mind Redbone's are named that not for color but the name of the person who originally started breeding them.

If you're wondering about a black golden retriever, you might want to look up the Flat Coated Retriever. It is a completely separate breed from Goldens! Technically Golden Retrievers are "not allowed" to be black in the show ring, so some breeders may euthanize such puppies with those colors.

The people who laugh at you have never studied genetics. Basically genetics are wild and any type of cross matching of colors can easily happen. And I don't know why they would laugh anyways: mom was a Golden and dad was a Redbone....pretty simple explanation.......Don't let them worry you and love your 100% adorable puppy!

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