Leashing Conundrum?

asked 2020-08-29 00:54:32 -0500

I’m sitting for a dog that was rescued from the streets in Afghanistan. She is the chilliest dog I’ve ever encountered, she just sits on the couch and wants pets. I sat petting her for hours, then she got up and went to the top of the stairs leading to the outside. I thought she was telling me she needed to go to the bathroom so I got her leash (she wears a harness all day) and went to attach it. She snapped. She growled and got my arm in her mouth but didn’t bite down. I carefully backed off and left her alone. I tried again later, approached carefully, sat down next to her, gave her pets - Went to attach the leash, she snapped. I don’t want to keep upsetting her so I gave up and just left her alone. Unfortunately she is not food or toy motivated. She doesn’t care about treats and doesn’t play with toys. So I am utterly at a loss for how to leash her to get her outdoors to go to the bathroom. Owners say she is just stubborn or lazy and they don’t seem too concerned.

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If she was a wild dog and has not been leash trained this is a normal response. No animal starts off excited with a lead/leash example, horses do not like to be joined up with a lead and saddle. Forcing her to go outside and pulling might not be the way to go, Associate it with positive like food.

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answered 2020-08-29 12:29:22 -0500

That's really rough that the owners are not helping suggest a workable solution. Her extreme reaction to the leash, combined with the owner's nonchalant response, makes me wonder if the dog is allowed to walk unleashed with them (I would Not suggest you do so) or if the dog's walks with them is a struggle of them pulling her against her will (also I'm not suggesting you do so). If this dog isn't used to walking while leashed, I absolutely would not force her to walk outside. She may react to one of the many triggers outside (besides being leashed, other dogs, humans, wildlife, cars, etc) and could hurt herself, another soul, or break free and run.

Even if this isn't how you usually do things, I'd suggest go to a nearby pet store and get disposable bathroom solution, such as potty sheets, than you can place inside, so she can safely eliminate urine & feces.

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answered 2020-09-03 01:57:57 -0500

Sounds stressful! You can create a very wide loop with leash and carefully drape that over her head. Watch couple of rescue dog videos on YouTube for demonstration, but it's pretty simple. Also make sure you're not "pinning" her in where she feels trapped. I would recommend that if you are able to attach a leash, make sure its a long one and leave it on.

If she's recently adopted, she could have all sorts of issues they are working through with her and this one just ranks low in their opinion. I would let them know for your safety and hers that you won't be leashing her and any messes she makes you won't clean up......see if magically they come up with an solution lol

Also FYI for the future, any time a dog is left with harness on that is a giant red flag that dog has issues with the leash. During meet and greet, offer to take dog on mini walk without owner to check for what those issues are exactly. (Realistically you should do that any time owners don't have yard.) Just include it in your check offs: check key works, check code, check dog will let you in house etc

The only you'll know how a dog acts on a walk is if you walk them. My bigger dog is super sweet but if you're not careful she will pull your arm out your socket because of how strong she can pull if see squirrel. My other dog is super skittish so loud noises will make her run away. All dogs are different. Good luck!

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