(Sad Question) Has Anyone Experienced Something Like This?

asked 2020-06-14 18:02:51 -0500

My dog was completely normal and healthy a day before he died. The morning of his death he was breathing weird kind of like he was “coughing” but only when he tried to pant so I started keeping an eye on him. Later on in the day he become more unenergized, he didn’t want to come to me when I called (completely out of character) so I took him to the vet and he said he has Metastatic Tumors and it might have spread to his brain. During the night he couldn’t even get up, I had to carry him and help him drink water. He didn’t make it through the night. The doctor says his blood test came out clean but I still can’t help but to wonder if it really was the cancer that killed him. Can it happen that quickly and suddenly? Could he have ate something poisonous? Would that show in a blood test?

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answered 2020-06-15 17:50:14 -0500

I am so sorry for your loss. (I've worked in the Veterinary Field for over 20 years) From the information that you provided, It sounds more towards your dog having cancer vs something poisonous. The symptoms your pet was showing would present differently had it be poison. The blood values would also be off differently. For example your dogs blood sugar level could be lowered, or his blood clotting time would be off. This would be just a couple of examples of values on their blood tests that would lead the Vet to lean more towards poison as oppose to Cancer. Cancer is very common in dogs. From the sounds of it, your dog probably already had cancer that went undetected, and by the time that you first noticed the symptoms it was too late. (Not of any fault of yours or the Vets.)
If you want to know 100% certain, the Vet can always do an necropsy. Again, I am truly sorry for your loss of your dog. My thoughts and prayers are with you!

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Thank you. It was so sudden I couldn’t help but to think maybe it was something I could’ve avoided. I just didn’t know Cancer could be that stealthy. It does make me feel a bit relieved knowing there was nothing I could have done differently. Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge.

Zayna M.'s profile image Zayna M.  ( 2020-06-15 18:20:16 -0500 ) edit
answered 2020-06-22 18:24:14 -0500

I am very sorry for your loss. I've lost a beloved pet and I know it is painful. My mum told me she lost one of her childhood dogs to a "brain condition". My mum grew up in country side and they took him to who they could take him to, not really a vet, but someone who understood and treated dogs. It is very common for dogs to die due to something in their brain that, I am told, cannot really be prevented or controlled. I don't know how old your dog was, but my mum did indicate that it could hit them at any age. She did say her dogs experienced it over a few days to a week, but it is definitely not uncommon for it to be abrupt. I pray you find strength to deal with this grief.

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