Why am I paying for a 30 min dog walk, when at most, I’m getting 25 min?

At most, my dog walker “walks” my dog for 25 min. But most of the time, it’s 19-25 min on my rover cards, with them only walking 0.4-0.6 miles. I understand that the 30 min dog walk is from the time they enter the premises until they lock up, which includes leashing the dog, returning with the dog, and giving it water and a treat, etc. But 22 min, or even 25 min, is not 30 min. So why am I paying for that?? I have a very high energy puppy that I take on multiple walks a day. On my days off, I usually spend between 1.5-2 hrs, outside walking with her. We easily cover a mile in less than 20 min, so why can’t the dog walker cover more ground and spend more time actually walking her? Is this the standard for Rover?


Every walker is different! You should ask your walker to describe a typical walk for them and if you'd like them to make adjustments ask. A 20 minute mile is a power walk. When I keep to the time my walks are usually between .8 - 1 mile in a 30 min visit. Depending on the pup of course.

bring it up and ask them how they are accounting for the full 30 minutes of time. Maybe they don’t hit start on their App when they first arrive, and that’s why there is not 30 min on the clock.

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When you pay for a 30min walk, you've paid for 30min of service. As you said, this includes leasing and unleashing, watering, etc. Let's say this accounts for no more than 10min, but still you can only expect the actual walk to be 20min.

On the second point, about distance covered, you can ask your walker to try and cover more distance. But, be prepared that they may not be willing to walk faster and/or there may be reasons they cannot- which may include how your dog behaves with them. I've walked dogs who are more focused with me or more excited to run, than with their owners. I've also encountered the opposite.


10 minutes to say hello, leash the dog, give treats, etc. 10-15 min walk and another 5-10 min rapping everything up make sure doors are locked dog all settled in. We dont just get back from a walk and let the dog off of the leash and say have a good day. We come back from the walk and continue care

A sitter could ask the question- when we are staying 45-1 hour why arent we compensated for that. Unfortunately, just you haven't found the right sitter (:


There is no standard for Rover as each walker/sitter is independent. Rover does stipulate that a walk is 30 minutes and, as you are well aware, the owner gets details from the Rover card.

My advice would be to find another walker and discuss your needs for a brisk 30-minute walk since you have a high-energy puppy. Hire one that understands your needs and can fulfill them.


YOU must have a discussion with your dog walker first. Talk about wants and needs and expectations.

Rover doesn't tell pet sitters what to do and how to do things. Everyone here is an independent contractor. Rover is only a platform to connect sitters and clients.

Not every sitter walks fast. Or wants to walk fast. Did you actually talk to your sitter?

I personally do a mile in 30 minutes too, but that's my personal preference for the clients whom I had that conversation with. It's a very fast walk. Doing a mile in 20 minutes would be too much for me. But you can hire a person who will run with your dog. You just have to communicate well.

Reporting a sitter to Rover for NOT walking a mile will not do you any good. Sitters will not be punished or fired because they do not walk a mile.

Some sitters like to take slow walks. ALSO remember the GPS is NOT always accurate. I know that from a personal experience where I walk the same dogs same trail every single day, and it's a mile long trail, yet on some days my GPS says i did 0.1 or 0.2 miles and the preview of the GPS tracker doesn't show up. I do notify my client that the GPS didn't work right and I do have picture proof to show that I actually walked the trail with the dog.


Somebody call the waaaammbulanceeee


If you are getting a Rover card that indicates a walk of 19-25 minutes you are getting cheated. I would call Rover support and report the walker [Edit: Rover’s contact options have changed. Visit the Rover Help Center at to find the phone number, help articles, or chat with the team]. I've walked on Rover for over 4 years and all my clients walk for 25-30 minutes and we typically cover 1 mile give or take a little depending on the dog and the day. My average visit is 35 minutes from opening the door to locking up when we are done.