CBD oil and Dogs?

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I'm an animal science student researching CBD oil use in dogs. PLEASE can you answer 10 short questions. Thank you very much!! :emoji_dog2:


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I just took the survey! I'm in the US, so I'm not sure that you'll be able to factor my submission into your study, but I hope it helps!

Amy D.'s profile image Amy D.  ( 2019-04-13 15:20:05 -0500 ) edit

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answered 2019-04-02 11:39:27 -0500

It can decrease the activity of liver enzymes used to metabolize many prescription drugs. So if your dog is on medication, you might want to check with your holistic vet before using CBD. Most CBD oil for dogs and other pets comes from hemp oil, so it contains no or very small traces of THC.

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