How do I adjust my service area (i.e. change it from 5 miles to 10 miles)?

asked 2019-01-19 03:10:40 -0600

Cannot find where I modify the service area.

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answered 2021-06-14 07:40:12 -0600

The layout has changed (at least mine did), and it's been a little confusing to find things.

Open a new window on your computer. Go to your Rover profile. In right top hand corner you will see an icon with your photo and your name to the right of it. Click on your name and you'll see "Dashboard" "Profile" "Inbox" etc.

Click on PROFILE. You will see "service settings" and all your services are listed underneath. Click on the service you provide (it should be set to active or away). For example choose DROP-IN option and click and you'll get to the DROP IN menu. Keep scrolling, you'll see bold "search settings", keep scrolling, "Rates", keep scrolling, the next you'll see is

AVAILABILITY That's the one you need. Read through it, and you'll see * What is the maximum distance you'll travel to get to a client's home? And here you choose the distance and other options.

REMEMBER, Rover map distance is NOT accurate, as Rover uses the straight line method!

Make sure to scroll all the way down to save the changes. Make sure to check the map on your profile to see your selected coverage area as it will be much bigger than you intended, so you may need to adjust.

I personally always ask potential clients for their cross streets to double check the distance to avoid misunderstanding. Just few weeks ago, I have received a request, where the distance was marked as 9 miles. After checking the cross streets, the REAL distance was 17.5 miles! Big difference. Of course, it doesn't always matter, but I had to decide whether driving 17 miles there for a meet and greet, and 17 miles back is something I am looking to do.

I hope this helps. If you still can't find it, feel free to respond again.

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Thanks a lot. You helped me, I maneged to change my service aria.

Hedi R.'s profile image Hedi R.  ( 2022-09-09 08:30:49 -0600 ) edit
answered 2019-01-21 00:28:03 -0600

You will find it under Profile ➝ Services and Rates ➝ Service Options.

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answered 2021-06-11 15:55:29 -0600

It's tricky and non-intuitive. I had to call them. So: Profile>House Sitting(for example but any service)>scroll down to, "What is the maximum distance..." and then there is an up /down arrow by the word miles.

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answered 2021-03-14 00:49:29 -0600

Still can't find it, very frustrating ...........................

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