As a sitter, is it a bad idea to take owners dogs to the dog park (with their permission) ?

asked 2018-11-14 03:29:17 -0600

I'm brand new to Rover. Wondering if it is okay to take dogs I am sitting to the dog park if a) they have already been before with their owners and b) with owners permission? Or is that a bad idea? I can't locate Rover's policy or advice on this.


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answered 2018-11-16 05:49:10 -0600

I live right by two dog parks so I always ask every boarding client if they give me their permission to bring their pup to the dog park. If they seem hesitant at all I do not take them. If they say yes then definitely ask what size dogs their pup is comfortable around and make sure they are up to date on their rabies vaccine and Bordetella. Being a vet tech I always want to know their vaccine history.

If you do take the pup to the dog park and it bites another dog while not being UTD on rabies that could be very, very bad. The bordetella vaccine is suggested for dogs that board, get groomed, or go to dog parks. Basically anywhere they can come in contact with unfamliar dogs that you are unsure of their vaccine history.

Basically just know that taking your Rover dogs to the dog park increases their risk of a dog fight and potential diseases. I would suggest not taking dogs to the dog park unless: 1. The owners are aware of all the risks (dog fight, diseases, etc.) 2. The dog is UTD on at least Rabies vaccine and Bordetella. 3. The owner gives you explicit consent to bring the pup there. 4. The pup is not dog aggressive or toy aggressive.

This probably seems a bit over dramatic but I prefer to take on an overprotective philosophy with my Rover babies!

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answered 2018-11-16 01:35:11 -0600

Personally I don't, even if a client says their dog is fine at the dog park. I do my best to reduce the risk of something happening while in my care, and bringing a client's dog into an area with a bunch of unleashed dogs is not a risk I am willing to take. I would hate to have to tell a client that their dog needs medical attention because it was attacked at the dog park.

That being said, I know many walkers/sitters do bring their clients' dogs to the dog park, and I do bring my own dog to the dog park from time to time.

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answered 2018-11-15 22:06:59 -0600

I will take a dog to the dog park if the owner encourages it, and usually after the dog and I are well acquainted (so not day 1). For highly social dogs sometimes it's the best form of activity. I watch closely and haven't had any issues.

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answered 2018-11-14 20:12:44 -0600

I would definitely suggest you discuss this during the meet & greet, when you ask about their pup's routine & activities. You can ask if they take their dog to a dog park etc. and about past experiences. If they do and indicate their dog is a good fit there, you can ask at that time how they feel about you doing so when the dog is with you.

I don't know rover's policy because I don't go. My dog and his friends don't enjoy it (or go with their parents) and it increases the the risk of injury and illness (both at the park and in transit). However, I realize some people and pups do, so maybe there will be other input.

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