New Great Dane puppy coming into the family. How do I introduce her to my other dogs?

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Next weekend I'm picking up my new Great Dane puppy, Phoebe, and I'm not sure how to introduce her to my other two Great Danes: Bella and Oscar.

Background Information: Bella is an older dog, she is 9 years old. She used to be very friendly and playful but now she is aggressive because she has been bitten several times. We used to have another Great Dane but he passed away and she was very good and loving towards him. Last year we got Oscar and were excited for Bella to have a new friend in the house but as soon as he stepped into the house, ready to play, Bella snapped at him. We had to keep them separated and closely watched for a few months until Bella got better with him. We found that Bella wouldn't mind him as much when we were at the park rather than at home. I understand that she was trying to protect her home from Oscar, a new intruder.

I was wondering how I could introduce Phoebe to Bella and Oscar without the same situation happening. I don't think Bella's reaction will be as bad this time around but I want to make sure I am introducing them properly so everyone is comfortable and feels safe. Oscar is a friendly dog, I think he'll be happy about her arrival, I'm more worried about Bella because she is older and more aggressive.

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Hi Sabrina, I recommend arranging a meeting between your dogs and your new puppy on neutral territory, i.e. not at home, though best if it's somewhere walking distance from home. Then after a good play at the park, walk them home together so they see him as a "new friend" who's just tagging along.

Sarah M.'s profile image Sarah M.  ( 2018-08-29 15:33:21 -0500 ) edit