Why won’t my puppy use his potty pad?

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We adopted my maltese 3 months ago, and when we brought him home he used the potty pad 80% of the time. At the time we were living with my family who wouldn’t let him use a pad and made him go outside to go potty, even though we wanted to potty pad train from the beginning. About a month ago we moved into a new apartment and have started potty pad training again, he is in his kenne when we are not home And never goes potty I’m the kennel, as soon as we take him out of the kennel we take him straight to the pad, but he refuses to use his pad now. I have read countless websites about what to do and have tried everything. He has a play pen completely covered in pads that I put him in when it’s time to go potty. Take him to his pads and say go potty every couple hours. Spray a puppy attractant on his pads and praise him and give him treats when he uses his pads, which is maybe once a week. After I take him to his pad he will walk away and pee on my floor and has recently started peeing on my bed and couch. I’m not sure how else to train him, potty pad training is the best option for us because of where we live and the hours we work. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Our beagle had the same issue. She wouldn't use her potty pad. We tried for months and all she did was chew it up. We found really useful information https://brucepawmighty.wordpress.com/bestdogtrainingbooks (here.) Would definitely recommend giving it a read.

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answered 2018-08-30 21:01:38 -0500

Simply put, your dog is confused. Dogs like to know what is expected of them and he was starting to know what was expected of him at his previous residence. Now, he doesn't get it. You want him to pee in the house now and you didnt before? He is likely going just anywhere he can because he isnt taken outside to do his business. And he doesn't understand why. In his mind, going outside is "good" as people were happy about this! Now he doesn't get taken or let outside and he has to go somewhere! He doesnt look at a puppy pad as his "potty place". He thinks that its just your floor! Is there a reason why you prefer him to go on pads? Is there a way you can continue the training he was receiving? Is there a patch of grass at your complex? You say "the hours you work" prevent you from taking him out... but he has to get outside at some point? Most people take their dogs out for a before work and after work sniff and pee. This gives you a chance for some bonding with your dog and a chance for your dog to experience a new environment and Fresh air! You wouldnt want to see the same 4 walls all the time!:)

Most people prefer their dogs go outside and resort to peepads because they give up! So you are in a unique position indeed!
How about a dog walker? If the hours you work are long, you would want to hire one anyway. You dont say how old he is but if he is an adult, its not advisable to leave a dog crated or unsupervised for long periods. And if he is a puppy, they can only hold it 1 more than their age, so a 4 month old puppy would be ok for 5 hours max. Its a health and mental wellness issue for the dog otherwise. So, a dog walker would be a great idea for your household whether or not you decide to housetrain him or pottypad train. At least he gets outside!

But that being said....if you are deadset on retraining him to go inside, you have to go back to square one. Repetition, routine, and consistency are the only way this will work. Ignore the bad, PRAISE the good. And the dog cannot be unsupervised at all until training is over. I find it helpful to tether a dog to my belt loop when being housebroken (or in this case, outsidebroken? ) so he cant wander off.

You should get a feeling by now when your dog has to go. But generally, any time after they play, eat, drink, nap, or are generally sniffing around, take them to the peepad. Repeat the key word or phrase you want to use once they do go or just as they are about to go. And then praise them like mad directly after ... (more)

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I tried keeping him with me at all times and that never stopped him, he would simply pee right in front of me generally on my bed or couch. I bought him a grass pad and the day we got it he used it once, I praised him a lot and immediately but now he refuses to use it again. I know he knows that is

Brooke M.'s profile image Brooke M.  ( 2018-09-12 09:40:20 -0500 ) edit

What he is supposed to use, I truly believe he is testing me. He pees right in front of me and no matter what I do I can’t break him of it. I think he’s trying to see how far he can push me. Is that possible? And if so what do I do about it??

Brooke M.'s profile image Brooke M.  ( 2018-09-12 09:41:28 -0500 ) edit

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