New Rescue Potty Issues?

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Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.We believe is his about 1 years old.

I rescued a dog from a reputable small breed rescue that I have adopted from before. However, this particular dog came right from his bad home situation almost directly to me with a brief stop for 48 hours with a foster to be neutered and put on transport from FL to NJ.

Therefore from his rescue day to me arriving only 5 days transpired and 2 of those days he was being transported. He arrived frightened as one would expect. However, he was able to adjust to myself, husband and older son (17)quickly. He wanted to be by us on couch, bed etc. Behaved well. He growled a bit at my other 2 dogs (shih tzus also) out of fear but no biting and by now is just in co-habitation. Not playing but no longer growling. He gives lots of kisses and is very calm otherwise. A little whining when we are out of his sight but nothing unbearable. Today is 1 week he is with us.

SO here is the ISSUE! He developed an abscess at his neuter site Friday and that requires meds and soaks and a cone and will for at least another week +.

He does not want to potty outside and although he has a few times he mostly just stands there and does nothing but shake. At first we attributed it to pain, chang, fear and the drop in weather temps. However, he did poop (1x) and pee a few times outside. NOW he has not and I have discovered he is urinating in my house. Still no poop AT all SINCE Wednesday and today is Sunday. Vet is not concerned (said he will again when ready) but he is eating well (raw diet) so he must feel the need to poop.

Former owner was a hoarder and gave up 15+ dogs to the rescue. All dogs lived on 30 acres (farm animals too) in FL and she said they did their business when they wanted to so can offer up no advice on this .......SO she says. He is underweight so who knows how often he was fed. He was matted so badly he needed to be completely shaved and was also covered in fleas when he was taken from her.

Those of you who have had complicated rescues might be able to offer some potty/training advice. I am just unsure how to handle because of the neuter issue and fyi he is on Carprofen for pain and on an antibiotic too + as I said the cone of shame.

Thank you again and I will await any responses. Feel free to ask me any additional questions. Alli allicapnj is online now Report Post Reply With Quote

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answered 2018-04-05 17:52:51 -0500

I think like you mentioned there are a lot of contributing factors to why this is going on but understand the frustration as well. I'd recommend, limiting his area and re-potty training him as if he was never trained before. so going out every couple of hours, as soon as he wakes up before bed, etc. Puppy pads may be a good idea as well to save your floors. With all the change that he has experienced lately it might just be a timing game, retraining, and mitigation until he understand, feels more comfortable and feels better. I hope this helps!

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