Why is my dog pooping in her crate now?

asked 2018-03-19 09:26:02 -0500

My dog is 11month old miny dauchound. Suppressingly we finally got her potty trained besides the fact she poops in her crate. She started doing this about month ago , we leave she poops, we wake up to poop, it's starting to be a big problem now because she steps and lays in it so everyday we have to give a bath (witch is not good.) I know she can hold it because we use to sleep with her. We always make sure she good potty before she goes in the crate. The crate is perfect size for her and we don't have anything in the crate as well cus she will hide it. We have noticed she is forcing the poop out of her, or not pooping enough before we put her in her crate. She use to wine if she had to go potty at night. Not anymore. I've heard her a couple times at night, she wakes up and just poops and doesn't wine at all , u hear her stomping around in the crate and then she goes back to sleep. I know she's forcing the poop out because it's solid but mucousy, I took it to the vet and they said that's nothing to be worryed about, she is completely heathy. I've done research and tried new training tatics but nothing is working so far, I know dogs don't do things on purpose but I don't know what else is going on.

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Hi there! Having this problem with my own dog. Any updates?

Lauren A.'s profile image Lauren A.  ( 2018-12-07 13:26:28 -0500 ) edit

Hey I have the exact same issue with my mini Dauchund who is also 11 months old , almost 12 months ! Did you ever find a cure for this ?!

Naomi V.'s profile image Naomi V.  ( 2021-02-22 23:57:41 -0500 ) edit

I’m having the exact same issue I’m thinking he’s doing it just cos he doesn’t like going to bed. Did you manage to get sorted? My pup is 8 month old and just started doing it he never did it before since he was about 4 month

Carrie-anne R.'s profile image Carrie-anne R.  ( 2021-03-29 01:19:06 -0500 ) edit

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answered 2018-03-21 17:28:11 -0500

Some idea you could try for this are: feeding her in her crate (she may not want to go potty in a place where she knows she eats at), giving her treats and praise when she goes potty at the right place, and up-ing her exercise before bed. I'd give this a try and see how it helps! Best!

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I do all of that already, nothing has helped

Zara G.'s profile image Zara G.  ( 2018-04-01 07:47:11 -0500 ) edit
answered 2019-08-02 14:32:14 -0500

You stated that she has nothing else in her crate with her at night because she hides it. If her crate is big enough for her to hide items, consider making her crate smaller (add something in the back that will block her access, like a box or pillow). Also, try covering the crate if you don't already. Sometimes, it can make them feel more safe and comfortable if their crate is completely covered (even the door). I always use a soft crate pad in my crates. After all, would you want to sleep on the hard crate bottom? I also give my dogs toys in their crate. I have one who is destructive and will tear up anything that goes in there with him, so I have his crate pad enclosed in a cover that fits tightly around the entire bottom tray of his crate and he gets toy chew bones to keep him busy overnight. Keep up with exercising her before bed, make sure her crate is ONLY big enough for her to lay down with her legs straight out (block off any excess space). Give her a treat and lavish praise when she does not potty in the crate, before you take her out. It can be a small special treat, like a bite of jerky, that makes the experience really awesome for her and that she only gets when she does not potty in the crate. Don't praise and give a treat if she potties in there, but also don't punish (she won't understand what she's done to upset you). Just get her out and take her straight outside. The cleaning can wait until she's been out. Clean with a strong enzyme-based cleaner that will get every bit of lingering smell out. If she can smell evidence that she's been potty in a spot before, she will be more likely to potty there again and remember a dog's sense of smell is much more powerful than ours, so it can smell fine to a human but a dog can still smell it. If you don't have access to an enzyme cleaner, use vinegar water with lemon juice but don't put her back in there until it has dried and it has had at least 12 hours of sitting there clean and dry for the vinegar smell to dissipate.

Sometimes a dog can begin to potty in their crate for health reasons. A urinary tract infection, ear infection, tooth infection, anything like that can trigger behavior changes like potty in the crate, growling/snarling at seemingly random times or when it is unusual for them to do so, etc. If the problem persists, please take her to the vet for a good once-over. She could have an illness or injury that she is hiding (dogs do that!).

Sometimes, dogs can lose control of their bladder and/or bowels if they have a seizure! It doesn't happen ... (more)

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