How do I add a tip for my sitter?

asked 2017-03-15 11:44:52 -0500

How do I tip my sitter?

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2 Answers

answered 2017-03-15 13:32:47 -0500

The easiest way is to hand your sitter some cash when you pick up your dog or you return home and the sitter leaves your house. Otherwise, you can use one of the methods Carly suggests since there is no way of doing so using Rover's system, Please be advised that Rover takes a percentage of all payments, so adding it on to any reservation wouldn't work.

I'm sure the sitter will be most pleased to receive your acknowledgment.

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answered 2017-03-15 13:14:15 -0500

I'm glad your sitter provided such exceptional service that you'd like to leave a tip! Unfortunately Rover does not have a way to tip through their website, so you have to either give the sitter cash, or coordinate with the sitter and send money electronically (PayPal, Venmo, Squarecash, etc.). You can always ask the sitter if they have a preferred method as well!

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