How do I groom a golden retriever?

asked 2017-01-07 18:31:42 -0600

This is a question that we often get from sitter and owners who work with Rover. Help the community out by answering them in our forum!

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2 Answers

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answered 2017-02-23 13:53:45 -0600

Golden Retrievers are a somewhat difficult breed to groom, so many recommend taking them to a professional groomer to have it done. Personally, as long as you are brushing daily, and keeping matts off, and trimming around their feet you are doing a great job! Don't forget to check around their tail area for dingleberries!

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answered 2017-02-23 13:57:27 -0600

If you don't have a show dog, they're pretty easy to upkeep! You should brush them no less than once a week and be sure to trim their hair around the pads of their feet. Because Goldens have so much hair, they can mat easily. If your pup is playing in a damp/wet area, you will need to tend to their grooming more often. You need to also clean the inside of their ears as well as trimming their nails. Nail trimming and ear cleaning needs to be done carefully, if not done properly you may injure your pet!

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