How do I contact a sitter to talk to them?

asked 2016-09-09 00:06:27 -0500

I want to be able to communicate to the sitter on what it is I'm looking for

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<http://p%3ERover.com (p>Rover.com) gives you and the sitter you chose private Rover numbers for any and all communication. This way you and the sitter can discuss any issues ideas or concerns prior during and even after the sit.

Dee S.'s profile image Dee S.  ( 2017-02-26 08:38:10 -0500 ) edit

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answered 2016-09-09 00:38:14 -0500

When you click on the name (next to the number which shows where they live on the map), you'll see more about them and a Contact Name button in green on the right side. Click that to send your message.

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My question is the opposite and no one answer it from today. What if a dog clients doesn't show up for scheduled appointment, I try to call or text, I get nothing.

Sabrina T.'s profile image Sabrina T.  ( 2016-10-29 00:16:46 -0500 ) edit
answered 2017-02-25 15:34:31 -0500

Rover gives the you an anonymous phone number which will connect with the sitter immediately.

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answered 2017-02-25 17:42:10 -0500

Theres a very long list of sitters as soon as you open the website/app, and from there you can see all of the personal information of the sitters and what their services are. Usually they will have their phone number posted and you an either text them or message them through rover. Very easy

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