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Grays Ferry, Philadelphia, PA

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Bethany D. provides

Home Sitting

from $40 per night
80% response rate Sitter responds to most requests within 24 hours
Around an hour Sitter responds in around an hour
100% of stays Sitter sends photos through Rover on every stay
Bethany D.'s Home

  • House
  • Fenced yard
  • Non-smoking home
  • Has cats
  • Has 4 dogs
  • No children in home
  • Dogs not allowed on bed
  • Dogs allowed on furniture

About Bethany D.:
10 years of experience

Hi, my name is Beth and I am an animal-lover in general and a dog-lover specifically. I live in South Philadelphia in a lovely big house with a small, fenced-in backyard. I am very active and love being out-and-about, so your doggy can look forward to lots of walks and frolicking in the park during a stay with me. I'm also a runner, so if your dog is a good leash-walker, I can take him or her on my daily run with me and my dog, Star. Also, I promise to give your dog lots of individual attention - I only take one dog at a time (or two if they are from the same household) so you won't have to worry about your dog being around a bunch of strange animals other than my own pets. I want to make sure this feels like a home away from home for your dog!
I am comfortable with administering medication or dogs that have special needs, including experience with blind/deaf animals and dogs with paralysis, and I'd be happy to complete whatever daily activities your dog is used to such as walks at specific times, grooming, etc.

Pricing: If this is your first stay with Rover, ask me about how you can get $25 off your stay! Also, I offer a discounted rate of $35 a night for repeat customers. I'll make sure we are clear on the price before we confirm, and I'd be happy to work with you to figure out pricing that suits your needs.

I also offer free pickup/drop off, grooming, and/or bathing with every stay. If your dog will need something in particular while staying with me, just ask!
In addition to boarding in my own home, I am also open to caring for dogs or other pets in your home (experienced with cats and all manner of small animals), as well as dog-walking services. Please note that I only provide dog-walking/in-home services within a 5 mile radius and only on evenings/weekends/holidays, as I work full time. If I'm going to be caring for animals in your home, I'd also be happy to complete small tasks such as light cleaning, taking in mail, etc. if you are going to be away from home for an extended period of time. I pride myself on being dependable and trustworthy, and can provide a copy of a clean criminal background check upon request. I'm flexible and here to help - if you and your pet need something, just ask, and we can work out a schedule and pricing that fits your needs.
I share my home with three happy cats and a 2 year old pit bull named Star, so please be aware of that if your dog doesn't get along with felines or other doggies. I also work a full time job (I'm a social worker) and am gone from about 8am until 4:30pm on weekdays, although my fiance is usually home earlier in the afternoon. I am home on weekends and most holidays. Please feel free to contact me with any questions; I look forward to providing companionship and care for your dog!

About this sitter:
Hello! In addition to my rate for sitting in your home, below are my rates for non-overnight care. I am flexible and offer discounts for multiple dogs. If you need something you don't see listed, just ask! I offer dog walking, dog running (for a harder workout!), care for dogs, cats, and small animals in your home, transport to the vet or groomer, and anything else you and your furry friends might need.

30 minute walk: $15.00
60 minute walk: $25.00
30 minute run: $20.00
In-home pet care: $10.00 per 15 minutes
Transport to vet/groomer: $15.00 per hour

I pride myself on being dependable and trustworthy and can provide a copy of a clean criminal background check upon request.

How long have you been a dog lover? Tell us about your history with dogs.

I have been a dog lover all my life, since I had my first "best friend" Cindy, a golden retriever, at five years old. After Cindy passed, my baby Aiah, a wonderful Australian Shepherd changed me forever. She passed away not long ago and it was a while before I found another friend to share my life. My husband and I adopted Star, a 2 year old pit bull mix in July of 2013. She is the most gentle, snuggly, happy best friend and running buddy I could have asked for.

What would you like to know about a dog before sitting him or her? Do you have any breed preferences?

We have cats in my home as well as my own dog, so if your dog is not okay with felines or other dogs I would need to know about that and would probably not be able to take your dog. Other than that, just likes, dislikes, fears, etc. If you could let us know what kind of routine your dog is used to that would be very helpful so we can make sure your doggy's day is as familiar as possible. We want both you and your dog to feel safe and comfortable with me!

Do you have reliable transportation in the event of an emergency?

We both have our own cars and dogs are welcome to ride in them, should it be necessary. We can provide proof of current full-coverage car insurance, should you so desire.

Are you comfortable administering medication?

Of course, as long as we are provided with the instructions for correct administration. We have experience sitting for dogs with needed medications and special needs/physical limitations, including blind and paralyzed dogs.

How much time do you plan on spending with my dog each day?

I currently work as a social worker helping adults with intellectual disabilities, and I'm gone between 8am and 4:30pm on weekdays. I am off on weekends and holidays. I wouldn't mind your dog being here alone during the day as long as you wouldn't. My fiance is sometimes home earlier in the afternoon (he loves dogs just as much as I do!) and we often work as a team, so your dog wouldn't be truly alone for very long during the day. When I'm home, I enjoy being outside (even in the winter!) so your dog can look forward to lots of walks and fun playing outdoors.

If you have a backyard, please describe it.

I have a small, fenced backyard, but I would never leave your dog out there by him or herself since it is an unfamiliar area. I would much rather go out with your dog when he/she needs to!

Where will my dog sleep?

Your dog may sleep wherever he/she is comfortable. If your dog has a bed that you'd like to send along, please do! Star likes to sleep down in the living room (she has a couch that is "hers") and all our furniture is pet-friendly. We usually don't have doggies in our bed (not even our own) because it gets rather crowded, but your doggy is welcome to sleep in our bedroom if you like.

Where will you take my dog on walks? Tell me about it.

I live very close to FDR park, so maybe we can walk around there. There is also a dog park at 12th and Wharton which is close to me as well where we could go for some great fun, and there are usually other dogs at Girard Park which is only a few blocks away as well, and I enjoy taking the short ride over to Schuykill River dog park for a fun day. I have friends who live local that own dogs as well, so if your dog likes canine companions we could maybe set up a play date!

This sitter accepts:

Maximum of 1 dog, from only one client at a time

  • Small (0 - 15lbs)
  • Medium (15 - 40lbs)
  • Large (40 - 100lbs)
  • Giant (100lbs and above)
  • Accepts puppies
  • Dogs who can wait at least 4-8 hours between potty breaks
Cancellation Policy: Moderate

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Age: 6 years, 8 mo. old
Weight: 12 lbs.

Lucy is my oldest rescue cat. An easy-going calico who likes napping on the couch and cuddling with her favorite toy.


Age: 5 years, 8 mo. old
Weight: 6 lbs.

Skye is my second rescue cat who was saved from euthanasia at only a few days old. She was bottle-fed by a foster "mom" before she came to live with us. She is loving with my boyfriend and I, but can be very suspicious of new people (especially children for some reason), so she usually hangs out in the basement if there's someone new in the house.


Age: 2 years, 8 mo. old
Weight: 10 lbs.

Shoes was a stray we found starving in the alley as a kitten. Her age is approximate. We started feeding her and she lived happily outside until Hurricane Sandy struck and we decided to take her inside from the weather. She turned out to be super-healthy, very friendly, and fast became a member of our family. She and Lucy love to play together (although Skye is still less-than-enthused about her new roommate) and Shoes can be nervous around strange grownups, but she LOVES children. She spends most of her time either playing with toys or lounging in sunbeams. You would never know she had been a stray.


Age: 3 years, 2 mo. old
Weight: 45 lbs.
Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier

Star is a sweet, gentle, loving pit who gets along well with other doggies, people and children. In fact, two of her best buds are a shi tzu puppy and my friend's 10-month-old son. She is well-trained to "sit," "down," and walking on a leash. She can get excited and plays around other dogs, but usually she is very low-key and just likes to lay with her head in someone's lap. She is my baby and the best dog I could have ever asked for.

13 Reviews

Lucy H.

September 22

Bob H.

September 3

Rootbeer enjoyed his stay with Star and the cats. He must have played a lot, because he slept the entire day after we got home.

Sarah D.

September 3

Bethany was friendly and accommodating and her house was clean and tidy. Goose had a great time playing with her dog for the weekend. I would definitely leave my dog with her again.

Aaron P.

July 21

We were so satisfied with the care and service we received from Bethany. Our puppy Nala and her dog Star got along phenomenally. We received updates and photos daily via Rover as well as text messages from Bethany letting us know how Nala was doing. We will definitely be using her again whenever we travel. Thanks Bethany!

Sarah W.

April 28

I was very pleased with the overall experience with Bethany watching my pup. Not only did I recieve a lot of pictures, but updates as well. I was also worried due to the fact that my dog is currently paralyzed and is on crate rest so she requires a lot of attention and care. Boots was well taken care of and I would undoubtly leave boots with her again. I highly recommend her.

Michelle M.

February 18

beth constantly updated me on how frodo was doing and also sent a ton of pictures, which i really appreciated. her dog star really got along with frodo as well.

Britt R.

December 29

Bethany loves dogs and it is evident in her attention to our two little ones. She gave us text updates on our trip and it was so nice to have that. We will use her next time of course!

Leslie S.

November 30

Bethany was very welcoming and treated Snoop as her own! I would definitely recommend her!

Kate P.

September 9

Erin S.

March 14

Chicken nugget had a great time with Bethany. We will definitely use her again when we go away.


Michelle W.

October 10
Beth did an excellent job watching my puppy Benton. I discussed with Beth different quirks that Benton has, and she was very understanding. Benton had a great time. I would definitely ask Beth to dog sit again.

Linda D.

October 11
Our dog Penny just loves Beth! Beth has been a dog lover all her life and has been caring for dogs herself since she was a young teenager. I would trust my pooch with her anytime!
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