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2019-11-30 21:58:33 -0600 answered a question What can I do with a dog who isn’t house or crate trained?

Poor Brittany! That stinks! I empathize with you, it's happened to me before. Shorter stay next time or only house sit for those little ones you are not familiar with.

I think the idea of a baby gated area is a great one. Pee pads in that room will also help. Diapers work with suspenders or a belly band.

What is really important is for you to communicate with the owner so they are aware of what is happening when they board their dog. If you don't tell them, they are likely to board them again and when you say "no", they will go to someone else with the same issues...dog owners are looking to us for coaching/advice. I always ask "May I give you some feedback about (name of dog) because I think what I am going to tell you will help him/her be a happier dog in the future?" i wait for them to say "yes!" And then I tell them what happened and my solutions.

If they act surprised or shocked "Little rascal would never do that!" - that is when I let them know, many dog sitters are afraid to tell owners the truth because they don't want a bad review. "I'm different. I'm telling you the truth so you can help future sitters and rascal." and then I provide them with all of the options I have thought of. I usually will write these ideas down and give it to them as they might be embarrassed or not hearing you.

I wish you the best!

2019-11-30 21:45:20 -0600 answered a question Very anxious dog, help!?

Both Bob & Yasmin A. and Walt G. have excellent suggestions.

I would include, letting the pit really smell YOU. That means, sit at his level, turn your back to him and let him smell your backside and "scent" zone. I know that this sounds counter-intuitive, but he will be able to see and smell that you are "friend" and not going to hurt him. Sounds like the groomer may have clipped a nail too short or accidentally set off fear from being uncomfortable to pain.

If your roommates are able to also let him smell them - I'd use a baby gate set up between a doorway, let your roommates sit with their backs to the baby gate and let him really smell and get comfortable with them not making any eye contact. The rule should be no touch, no talking or no eye contact with an anxious pooch.

You are doing a great job asking for help! Those who don't can put themselves and others in danger. Once the fur burger gets into your groove, you will both feel better. If you remain nervous, opt for the owner's emergency option. You've got this! Listening to your inner self is also an important factor. You sound like an amazing sitter!

2018-10-31 02:23:16 -0600 commented answer What do I charge for overnights in a two dog home?

Yes! What Walt and Karen said...2nd dog should be $20 each overnight and I do think $25 a night is too low. Think of 24 hours, that is going to be a $1 an hour...can you search as an "owner" and see what other people in your area charge so you are still being competitive and in the avg range?

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