Does anyone in Denver know a good rescue/foster organization?

asked 2016-02-15 15:52:24 -0600

I am trying to help one of my clients with her newly adopted Moose, a lab/pit mix. She finds she is not equipped to handle him as he came from many traumas and needs a very strong Pack leader. To avoid surrendering him back to where she adopted him and keep him from being in a cage all day and ignored, she and I are trying to find any information we can about a place that will take Moose as a foster care dog while he awaits his new home. I dog sat for 4 days and know a lot about his fears and insecurities. PLEASE HELP US if you can recommend a foster care organization. Thank you. Angela in Denver.

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answered 2017-03-21 21:40:25 -0600

Maxfund is a no-kill shelter

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answered 2016-03-02 13:00:04 -0600

There are several rescues that may take Moose in. They will likely take care of immunizations, microchipping and neutering if any of that needs to be done still. The rescue I worked for in Denver would require the owner to foster until he was adopted. Owner would be able to bring him to adoption events and help find a new home. Adoption fee would go to the rescue to cover medical costs for him and other dogs. (They lose money on every adult adoption.)

Off the top of my head, besides the others listed above: check out iResQRR and Farfel.

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answered 2016-02-16 21:05:52 -0600

I would recommend that you search on-line. There appear to be a lot of rescue groups in the Denver area. I don't know if any of them accept owner-surrenders, but they should have resources for helping your client find Moose another home. There may even be a way for her to get help with training and behavior modification so that she can keep him.

Another possible avenue for finding Moose a new owner is to post him on petfinder.com.

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answered 2016-02-23 01:23:56 -0600

Firstly, I would like to note that it can be best to bring the pet back to where they were adopted from. If you aren’t ready to take the pet in or it’s not for you, the organization will usually always take the pet back. If you feel they aren’t providing sufficient attention or care, you should be reporting them to the appropriate authorities. I work with a rescue group myself and I see first-hand what it can be like at shelters. It’s not always great or heart-warming, but they do help save lives and that is what counts.

If you really do not want to bring her back to the same place, there are several other organizations in the Denver area that would likely be more than willing to care for her and take her in, especially if you may be willing to start off fostering her. There’s Colorado Canine Rescue, 4 Paws 4 life, All Aboard, and likely many more. You can always search these up on Google and give them a call if you want more information before surrendering.

Best of luck to your family and Moose. I do hope it works out!

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