How can I stop my dog barking at the same time my neighbors dog does?

asked 2015-09-16 15:35:28 -0600

Hi all, it's getting quite annoying when they bark at the same time. IF they hear something or see they go at it. So do all the other dogs. Any advice on how not to make mine bark with them?

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answered 2015-09-22 16:18:55 -0600

The best way to keep your dog from barking at other dogs is to give him something else to do. If you're present, call him to you. If he ignores you, get closer, and call him. If you have to, you can step in-between your dog and the other dog. The moment your dog looks at you, praise him and maybe run around a bit and play with him. Do whatever you can to make yourself more interesting than the other dog barking. If you need, bring treats, but don't reward him with treats while he's barking. You can bring it to his nose and when he stops barking and is concentrated on the treats, have him do something: sit, follow you, etc. If he goes back to barking, it's okay. Keep teaching him that you want him to do something else. Every time you break your dog away from barking, even if its for a moment, reward him. If it's too difficult to control him, you may have to just bring him inside until the neighbor's dog leaves.

Think about it as if the other dog has a value, say $20. You yourself is worth $0 when doing nothing, -$20 when yelling and cursing, $5 when calling him, $10 when running around, and $15 added to that when you have treats. You want to be worth more than the other dog. No one's going to go for $0 when $20 is available. If you have extremely yummy treats (hotdog, meaty treats, etc.), you can win every time you're up against the other dog. If you're playful and happy, you're a lot more appealing than when you're angry and yelling at your dog to shut up. Training is a lot like that; that's why trainers use treats. You can have your dog do something you like and stop doing something you dislike by being clear when communicating. Yelling and man-handling the dog, for example, is just going to make him ignore/avoid you. Dogs evolved to willingly work alongside strong leaders, but a strong leader should be benevolent, inspiring, and in it for both parties. No one will follow a someone who shocks you, yells all the time, or sprays water/chemicals in your face in order to force you to do things. Figure out what makes you dog tick, and work off that. GOOD LUCK!!

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answered 2015-09-21 10:51:15 -0600

Is your dog inside or outside the house, or both, when he barks? If a dog is left outside for long periods of time, he can get lonely.

There are bark collars that spray citronella to distract the dog (instead of shocking them). There are also devices that use ultrasonic sound to distract the dog from barking.

Also, more exercise may help. Tired dogs tend to bark less at stimuli than wound-up ones.

Try giving your dog a treat and praising him at the times he is quiet. Unfortunately, yelling at a dog to get them to stop is like you joining in their barking.

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