Why did my dogs skins turn scaly and black?

asked 2022-12-01 21:41:00 -0600


My dogs skin has progressively turned black the past year. She’s always had bad allergies but the skin problems usually go away after I take her to the vet. I’m positive it isn’t Cushing disease thankfully. Anyone have a similar issue? Any remedy? See attached photo.

Thank you

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Hello. Have the vets test for everything. Cushings, thyroid, yeast. Also certain breeds are known to have similar issue for different reasons. My Pomeranian has a thyroid issue which took years to diagnose. She has hair loss, during the summer her skin will turn black. So I have to protect her skin

Amanda K.'s profile image Amanda K.  ( 2023-01-02 20:20:29 -0600 ) edit