Why is my dog forcing my other dog to smell her butt?

We've adopted a Jack Russell/Chihuahua female in June 2015. This past June, we adopted an American Eskimo Dog/Corgi female. My Jackhuahua practically stands on my new dogs face, or pushes up against her face while she's standing or lying down. I'm curious to know what my first dog's deal she jealous? Showing dominance? Why would that be an affective way of communicating?

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From what I know from Caesar Milan, dogs smelling other dogs butts is just to get to know each dog individually.

Namasté, Marcus


Female and female are the hardest to get to get along, so it may be a dominance thing. Also Jack Russels are typically very bossy. So as long as the corgi is okay with it, it'll should settle in week or two.

Don't show favoritism. Who ever is quietest or most obedient gets treat first. Whether its the first dog or second.


Dogs are clan members and need to know who is the dominant dog. Had 2 female huskies and had to choose favorite so that the 2 would no longer fight for placement. It isn't human nature to choose favorite, but discussing the relationship with an animal behaviorist is suggested. HS may have 1 on staff