What can I do for a stray dog's cough?

asked 2022-01-13 20:54:16 -0600

I have a stray who after 2 years will barely allow me to touch her. She showed up, a puppy at the beginning of the covid, injured, obviously abused and abandoned, and our our local animal control would not intervene "due to the pandemic". I've slowly bonded with her, making sure she's fed and has a dry, comfortable place to sleep, and am only recently allowed to pet her around the ears. I would love nothing more than to get her to a vet, but that's likely to take quite a bit more time. I've done all I can do with over the counter de-wormers, heart-worm, and other common meds, but now she has developed a cough. While I'm mildly encouraged that it only occurs during play, we are in Tucson, AZ where Valley Fever is in us all. I guess I'm asking if anyone knows what I might do in a situation like this. No vet will even discuss it with me unless they can examine the dog in their office, so I'm looking for something I can do on my own. Any help is appreciated.

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answered 2022-01-14 23:11:21 -0600

Not letting you touch the ears usually would lead me to think that there could be an ear infection. Except that Canine Influenza is a current (possibly fatal) threat. A couple months ago, an aggressive strain of Canine influenza showed up in my area, such that groomers and vets in my area started requiring dogs to be vaccinated in order to receive service and vets treat dogs who show any such symptoms as if positive.

Since you indicated that going to a vet is not a possibility, I would suggest reaching out to some local rescues near you and seeing if any of them use a traveling vet that helps their dogs awaiting homes (& if they could refer).

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I didn't do a very good job explaining things - my being able to touch her around the ears isn't that they were an excluded area, but that is the only place I've ever been allowed to touch her, and that took a year and a half to achieve. I mention it to show how fearful she is of humans.

Matt W.'s profile image Matt W.  ( 2022-01-17 16:26:41 -0600 ) edit

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