Why is my dog afraid of random sounds that I make and how do I make him no longer afraid?

asked 2021-07-03 20:58:05 -0600

I've had my dog for 5 years or so and we're extremely close, he follows me around and sleeps in my room every day. He's always been skittish but it's been over reasonable things such as baths, excited children, or strangers. However one day after I stuck my tongue out at him playfully I realized he was afraid of my tongue. He flattened his ears, shot me a couple panicked glances, then jumped off my bed and ran away. Him being afraid of my tongue, something that's easy not to stick out at him, is one thing but I now discovered he's afraid of any noise I make with my mouth. He'll run away in fear if I smack my lips, make a clicking sounds, or even swallow too loud or open my mouth too loud. There's no way I've never made a sound like these with my mouth previously in the 5 years that I've owned this dog so I have no clue why he would develop this fear. He's never had any sort of traumatizing experience relating to these sounds either. I tried to make him associate the sound with things he enjoys such as petting him while making noises, giving him treats or walking him while making them but he still reacts negatively to it even when doing something positive. He wont come near me if I make the sound even if I'm offering treats or pets and he walks behind me on walks if I do them and wont sniff anything. He no longer jumps onto my bed because he's grown too afraid of me accidently making some sound. This is a dog I had such an incredibly strong bond with, and it makes me so sad that he would grow to fear me over something so small. I just want to find a way to stop his fear before he grows afraid of me entirely.

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answered 2021-07-09 10:46:05 -0600

Try CBD for dog

Soothe your dog with Calming White Noise


The Front of Pack - The One.

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