what can I give my dog to calm him down when flying for the first time?

asked 2015-08-23 15:21:46 -0600

My husband is being relocated to California and we need to fly with our two doggies, one is a Yorkie and the other is a Pug. I wanted to know if anyone has flown with their pet and if they give them something to calm them down when flying in cabin.

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answered 2015-08-24 18:03:58 -0600

Unfortunately, pugs are not allowed on or in an airplane! They're on the list of short-nosed dogs that airlines fear will not be able to adjust to the change in pressure in the cabin or beneath the plane. Double check with the airline you're intending to use, but given that the largest carriers say no I would be cautious no matter what.

Sorry! I know that's not what you wanted to hear..

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I've taken my Boston Terrier (short-nosed) on an airplane several times, and no one even commented. My veterinarian had no problem with it, and I also have a 14 year old pug client who flies at LEAST 5 times a year with his owner, so I'm not sure if this is accurate.

Amber C.'s profile image Amber C.  ( 2015-08-25 11:40:19 -0600 ) edit

Thank you for your response, I will call airlines to see what they will tell me.

Yvonne V.'s profile image Yvonne V.  ( 2015-08-25 12:00:53 -0600 ) edit

Let us know what they say! I'm curious and I hope I was wrong for your sake.

Elizabeth B.'s profile image Elizabeth B.  ( 2015-08-25 16:34:59 -0600 ) edit

Benadryl or even Zyrtec helps calm them down.

Valerie W.'s profile image Valerie W.  ( 2015-08-28 18:32:38 -0600 ) edit

They're not allowed in cargo, cabin is ok.

Tracy T.'s profile image Tracy T.  ( 2017-06-04 12:47:49 -0600 ) edit

Unfortunately short nose dogs ie Bulldogs pugs shih tzus and other short nosed dogs considered brachialcephalic dogs are not allowed on the airplanes anymore a brachycephalic dog cannot handle cabin pressure. The pug is definitely not allowed on any airlines as is Bulldogs. I'm sorry!!!

Nancy T.'s profile image Nancy T.  ( 2018-04-28 22:54:39 -0600 ) edit

Short nose dogs are allowed in cabin but cannot be checked as cargo. https://www.aa.com/i18n/travel-info/special-assistance/pets.jsp%3C/p%3E (https://www.aa.com/i18n/travel-info/special-assistance/pets.jsp)

Jake G.'s profile image Jake G.  ( 2018-05-31 16:42:01 -0600 ) edit

It just depends by airline

Michelle G.'s profile image Michelle G.  ( 2018-08-03 02:34:46 -0600 ) edit

I’m moving to Ireland and I’m bringing my 15yr old jack Russell I’ve got my tickets booked do I have to book a ticket for my dog to or just pay when I get to the check in . His coming on the plane with me in a airplane friendly carrier . Can someone email me plz lauraryangarbe@yahoo.ca

Laura G.'s profile image Laura G.  ( 2018-10-06 04:08:14 -0600 ) edit
answered 2015-08-23 16:43:17 -0600

Benadryl tablets are safe for dogs and generally result in a moderate reduction of stress/anxiety. You can give 1mg per pound that your dog(s) weigh. So for example, if your yorkie weighed 12 pounds, you can give them 1/2 of one 25mg tablet. I would suggest trying it in advance just to ensure that it is effective for your pets. Safe travels!

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I also use Benadryl, my 19 pound cavalier gets half a tablet before we leave for the airport, and I usually give him the other half right around take-off ( about 2 hours later), because he gets very stressed when he doesn't have me in his sight line.

Sydnee M.'s profile image Sydnee M.  ( 2015-08-26 09:47:17 -0600 ) edit
answered 2015-08-26 09:30:43 -0600

I got calming treats from the vet and invest in a Thunder Shirt. This was a lifesaver for my puppy! It acts as kind of a hug which eases their anxiety. I think the website is http://www.thundershirt.com but I could be wrong. Google it! It is definitely a worthwhile investment.

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answered 2015-08-27 13:55:05 -0600

Definitely ask your vet.

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answered 2015-08-23 16:44:12 -0600

Yep - ask your vet for recommendations and they can give you options for one or both dogs depending on their size, needs, and duration of the trip. There are a variety of anti-anxiety or sedative options that can be useful for helping pets stay calm while traveling.

Anything you give them you'll probably want to try out first just in case your dog has a paradoxical reaction (a reaction opposite to the expected reaction, like becoming hyperactive when taking Benadryl, which usually has a sedative effect) or an allergic reaction.

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answered 2015-10-12 23:21:09 -0600

Petsmart and Petco have NaturVet Quiet Moments Plus Melatonin Soft Chew. It's a melatonin suppliment in the form of a treat given 30 minutes prior to the anxious situation. Here is the site with the ingredients and more info: http://www.naturvet.com/index.php?page=shop.product (http://www.naturvet.com/index.php?pag...)details&flypage=flypageimages.tpl&categoryid=29&productid=195&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=41

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answered 2015-10-13 00:51:27 -0600

Remember to track your luggage. Let us know what you used.

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