Is it appropriate to leave a puppy alone on weekdays?

asked 2020-12-15 04:02:28 -0500

Hello! I’m looking at adopting a Kelpie x Maremma puppy. However i go to work/university all day five days a week. As holidays are currently underway, she wouldn’t be left alone until about seven months of age. I’m still not sure if i am morally comfortable with leaving a dog only all day, particularly this breed. I cant find much information online, what are your opinions?

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2 Answers

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answered 2020-12-15 05:50:28 -0500

Even at 7 months old your pup will need a potty break during the day as their bladder cannot hold it for 8+ hours. I would find a local walker who can stop in for the potty break, give the pup some exercise and socialization. Best of luck with your new pup.

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answered 2021-02-10 13:04:19 -0500

According to Rover, "After 6 months: An older puppy, like most adult dogs, has the ability to hold it for up to six hours. If you don’t have a dog door, be sure to pop home at lunch or get your pet sitter to pay a visit if you’re unable to do so."

You could find someone in your area that does drop in visits. They can take your dog out for a potty break and play and socialize with your dog.

Good luck!

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