Help! can someone help me identify this breed?

Hello! My puppy is around 6-7 months old, about 8-9 pounds and has so much energy and is so goofy! When I got him, I was told he was a "shih-poo". I guess its safe to say the girl lied to me, but she did send me a picture of the mon which was a shih-tzu. I was an original photo taken in her home. But I am curious to know what the dad is. I later came to the conclusion that he is definitely not a shihpoo. I love him so much and don't care about his breed(s) I am just simply curious to know what he is! He has a big personality, goofy, stubborn (Which i heard that comes from a shih-tzu), fast, has a prey drive, LOVES other dogs (absolutely loves them), loves people and is sooo friendly (Will run up to any stranger), loves to play, is sort of independent and can be by himself for periods of time, and he is tiny. I think he is a Shi-chi which is a shih-tzu chihuahua mix, but I am not totally sure. I don't think pictures do him justice. His legs are kind of short. I really want to know what everyone thinks (:


Is it at all possible to post a picture of him maybe then I could help you out