Family lives in another country and are getting a guard dog?

asked 2020-09-25 11:00:58 -0600

My family lives in another country and are getting a guard dog. I'm embarrassed to say that I'm really scared of dogs especially because neither me nor my family owned a dog growing up. My sister is the only person who is very open to any breeds. I'm assuming my parents will be fine since they bring home a puppy and gradually get over the fear. But since I live outside going back the first time would be challenging especially since I have not seen the dog when it is brought home and also since I'm very scared of dogs!! Does anyone have any tips on how they can introduce me to the dog ?

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answered 2020-10-01 20:25:29 -0600

I'd say you have some work to do on yourself first. If you are nervous, the dog will pick up on that and it'll be an uphill battle.

I recommend spending time with dogs to get yourself to the point where you can be calm around them. Spend time with a friend's dog to get a feel for it so you can relax around them. Then when you visit, you'll have a level of comfort with their dog.

How the introduction goes will depend a lot on the dog and how the household is set up. Does the dog live inside? Is it an excitable dog and going to jump on you or is it also a bit anxious and maybe hang back a bit.

Either way, you being calm and assertive will go a long way.

If the dog is tentative, don't push it. Act naturally, pretend like it's not there and when it decides you aren't there to harm anybody or anything, it'll gradually introduce itself. Take it slow - let the dog make the moves.

if it's one of those yappy happy dogs and loves you from the first minute, then how the introduction goes will depend on you, how much lovin' you're up for.

My primary recommendation would be to take the time before you visit to find some dogs to get comfy around. If you show up nervous, things will be more difficult.

Good luck!

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