Help for my Hardwood Floors?

asked 2020-09-08 20:51:01 -0500

My dog is peeing on the hardwood floors in different areas. I have a "Don't pee there" spray by AKC I just don't want to ruin my hardwood. I want to MOP the floor with something that will stop him from peeing EVERYWHERE and not just a particular area. I spray one area, he finds another. I need something that will not ruin my hardwood floors AND stop him from wanting to pee on them. Please help!

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2 Answers

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answered 2020-09-10 10:04:48 -0500

Use a floor cleaner/spray with enzymes in it that will neutralize the smell. You need to get rid of the smell and that's what those cleaners do. Get one that is for hardwoods and not carpets.

I would put down a carpet to protect the area before its ruined. You can train him not to go on the floor with the carpet, ratherthan your nice hardwoods.

The real question is WHY is your pooch peeing everywhere? Get to the root issue and ask yourself these questions- Is this new behavior? how old is your pooch and have you ruled out a health issue? Is he neutered? Is he stressed?

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answered 2020-10-15 08:35:57 -0500

If you have a male dog get Belly Bands. He won’t get urine on the floor anymore. They are comfortable to wear and machine washable. They don’t solve the dog’s problem , but will save your floors. They were a life saver during my puppies first year. Wonderful product!

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