Who will live in my home to care for my 4 dogs and 1 cat?

I am very particular about who cares for my fur babies in my home. Willing to pay extra for a loving, experienced in home part sitter!

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You're actually posting in the "Sitter-to-Sitter" Community. The Rover web site is used to find dog sitters as Karen suggested or you can contact Rover Customer Support and have them locate a good pet sitter for you that fits your needs. The number is located on the Home page.


Since no one here knows where you live, I suggest you do a search on the actual Rover site. This is just a community for sitters, owners and dog lovers in general. Go to the top of the page and click on Search Sitters, then filter down to sitters in your area who will sit in your home. Read their reviews, contact the ones you think may be a good fit, and then invite them over for a meeting. Be sure to tell them you want them to live in your home because there are many traveling sitters who only visit your home to walk, feed and play with your pets a few times a day.