I have to Fight My Dog To Get Her Outside?

asked 2020-04-22 08:54:14 -0500


I have a 9 month old chocolate lab who is extremely stubborn and lacking obedience training. I'm working on potty training her and she is doing okay, barking (and somewhat nipping) at me when she's ready to go outside. My only issue is that sometimes when it's cold and/or raining, it's a hassle to always have to go outside with her.

When I want her to go outside, she will not go alone and will not keep a large distance between us. If I step outside, she will wait at the door. If I walk back inside to gently guide her outside, she will back away closer into the house. I've tried picking her up to put her outside but she just runs back inside.

After a few runs of putting her outside and very quickly shutting the door behind her, she now won't even let me grab her when we're near the door. She will lay on her back, and bite at my hands if i make the slightest gesture toward her.

This morning, it was raining and I had a conference call at work in only a few minutes. I didn't have the time to wait with her out there so I literally fought her to get her outside. I got her out by pushing her quite hard (after she bit my ankle a few times) then quickly slamming the door behind me. I feel bad about this but I cannot be arsed with this behavior.

She only comes outside if I go fairly far into the yard and call her name (she typically will sit in the door space and just watch me, afraid to go outside) or make a running gesture since she can't resist the urge to chase me if im running.

How can I get my dog to go outside on her own and stop fighting me?

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answered 2020-04-22 18:44:39 -0500

If you continue trying to use sheer strength to be forceful with your dog, she's shown you that she will retaliate with biting. You need to seek help from a trainer, ideally one who uses positive training techniques. You could even start by reviewing online ones for free.

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