My 4 month old puppy got neutered and he’s ears changed after wearing an E collar. Will they go back to normal?

asked 2020-02-29 18:14:05 -0600

His ears used to flop and looked like Doritos, after wearing the E collar his ears look like Dobby from Harry Potter.

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This has nothing to do with the neuter or e collar. It's your dog growing. I have a 3 month old terrier whose ears are in "helicopter mode" right now too. =) It's normal growth.

Heather E.'s profile image Heather E.  ( 2020-03-07 23:33:35 -0600 ) edit

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answered 2020-03-13 10:11:55 -0600

Dog breeds with erect ears, are born with floppy ears. They would start to stand right around the age your dog had the e-collar on. it sounds to me, like your dog just has erect ears now. If you google images of a German Shepherd puppy, you will see they all have floppy ears.

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answered 2020-03-01 06:13:37 -0600

Well that's pretty funny about your dogs ears! There really isn't a good answer to your question, maybe they will, maybe they won't. Hope things work out the best for you.

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Haha, thanks!!

Chloe A.'s profile image Chloe A.  ( 2020-03-01 07:37:48 -0600 ) edit

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