Will my dog be happier away from me (and the city) or with me in the city?

asked 2020-01-05 21:04:43 -0600

I moved out of my mom's house to the city 1.5 years ago. Although I am home often (and I have a cat who is friends with my dog and stays home with her when I'm away), I am worried that my dog is not as happy here. I am trying to determine whether she will be happier moving back in with my mom. There is a trade-off either way. She is very, very attached to me (moreso than my mom, although she likes her), but her walks in the city consist of on-leash concrete walking and condo life. With my mom she has a backyard, looks out the window and barks, and goes on off-leash beach and trail walks daily. I don't know if my cat stresses her out sometimes, because I think she thinks she is the cat's mom, so I'm not sure if being away from the cat is good or bad even though they are good friends. She developed anxiety since we moved to the city to sounds that the dishwasher, washer, and other technology that she did not have before and is often anxious even without these stimulants. I do not know if this anxiety is connected to her unhappiness with the city or if she would have developed this anyway. Do you think she will be happier away from me (her person), but with a life with more freedom and nature? She is the type of dog who is very attached to her owner. My mom lives across the country so I can't visit often. My dog is 5 and has lived with me since she was young (but she lived with my mom and I together for about 3 years).

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